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Week 10 Picks

7:30 PM Friday, August 31, 2012

Schultz Picks: Montreal

World Picks: 57.2% - B.C.
BC 25 MTL 30.
Montreal Wins.

This is a tough one to pick because it is easy to make an argument for both teams to play their best and win. A unique aspect of the games is that the players are aware that at the mid-point of the season, this is for the title of 'Best in the CFL.' And because of that reality, you will get each player's individual best. Both teams are coming off dramatic last-possession victories that demonstrated just how good each quarterback - Lulay for BC and Calvillo for Montreal - truly are. Overall, BC has the better defense and a more established kick returner in Tim Brown, but Montreal is at home and know they must win this one as next week they're back in BC where they have had no recent success. A lot of exceptional individual match-ups and competitions but I like Montreal to win game one in Montreal. BC 24, Montreal 25

4:00 PM Sunday, September 02, 2012

Schultz Picks: Saskatchewan

World Picks: 65.9% - Saskatchewan
WPG 0 SSK 52.
Saskatchewan Wins.

History says the Riders always play well on this weekend of CFL football. No matter the win-loss record, the in-stadium energy enhances the Riders ability to make teams pay for any mistakes they may make. History also says that any time there is a head coaching change, the very next game that team going through that change wins. With the Bombers going from Paul LaPolice to Tim Burke, you know the Bombers will play with more energy and defiantly more discipline than ever before. I am sure head coach Corey Chamblin knows this and has expressed this reality to his players in getting ready for the game. So which form of history will repeat? Riders history! Winnipeg 28, Saskatchewan 30

1:00 PM Monday, September 03, 2012

Schultz Picks: Hamilton

World Picks: 64.2% - Hamilton
TOR 33 HAM 30.
Toronto Wins.

Well, I never thought I would say this but this will be the last Argonaut-Tiger-Cats game ever on Labour Day in Hamilton's Ivor Wynn Stadium. I expect many will show up from the present and past to relive this yearly event one more time. Some may only go to one Ticats game one time a year and this is the one. Overall, Toronto is the better team because of the struggles of the Ticats defense, but it may not matter. Both teams need the win to keep second place in the East alive as a realistic goal. Argos want it, but on this Monday the Ticats get it. Toronto 24, Hamilton 28

4:30 PM Monday, September 03, 2012

Schultz Picks: Calgary

World Picks: 55.0% - Calgary
EDM 30 CGY 31.
Calgary Wins.

I seriously, seriously doubt that John Cornish will run for 159 yards against this Edmonton defense. J.C. Sherritt is too good as a quality tackling middle linebacker for that to happen. Last year at this time, it was always Burris versus Ray and this year it is Glen versus Jyles/Joeseph. With Edmonton coming off the Toronto win and Calgary coming off the Rider win, both teams will be confident. But the Calgary win had a polish to it that was absent in the Eskimo win by comparison. Kevin Glen continues to slowly but surely get the job done for Calgary. Jyles and Joeseph are just not the same. Edmonton 19, Calgary 25

Through 36 games, Schultz is 17-19. The World is 15-21.
Schultz currently leads with 17 wins.

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