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Week 13 Picks

8:00 PM Friday, September 21, 2012

Schultz Picks: Winnipeg

World Picks: 68.1% - Hamilton
HAM 12 WPG 34.
Winnipeg Wins.

I don't know how to assess this one. I mean, which Tiger-Cat team is going to show up, the good one or the bad one? And, with Winnipeg, same question: which team, the good one or the bad one? With Buck Pierce starting I would not be surprised if the Bombers played well as he is the best QB on the team. But he has not played in a long time. Is the timing and polish there? For Hamilton, the Ticat fans are hoping the 43-point win over Edmonton is the beginning of something good. It may be true, but still, the Bombers at home are a different team. Hamilton 23, Winnipeg 30

7:30 PM Saturday, September 22, 2012

Schultz Picks: B.C.

World Picks: 88.5% - B.C.
BC 19 EDM 18.
B.C. Wins.

From Steven Jyles to Kerry Joseph and now maybe Matt Nichols. This is Week 13, Game 12 and there are still questions at quarterback for the Eskimos. There is nothing unknown about BC as it relates to QB. Travis Lulay is the man in every way. The close game against Toronto should be a wake-up call for the Lions that in any given game they can be beat, even right there in renovated BC place, where they are now 11-1 overall. I think BC wins because of quarterback and defence. But, it won't be easy! BC 26, Edmonton 20

1:00 PM Sunday, September 23, 2012

Schultz Picks: Toronto

World Picks: 65.0% - Montreal
TOR 10 MTL 31.
Montreal Wins.

If Montreal is going to represent the East they have to improve. The Rider game was productive and efficient in the first half, and average at best in the second half. Toronto is, to me, a dark horse team to win it all right now as it relates to this year's Grey Cup. I have seen slow but genuine improvement as this season has progressed. This is a risky pick here in Week 13, Game 12, but I am taking Toronto in a close one. Toronto 29, Montreal 27

4:00 PM Sunday, September 23, 2012

Schultz Picks: Saskatchewan

World Picks: 52.3% - Saskatchewan
CGY 25 SSK 30.
Saskatchewan Wins.

The last game of the week could be the best. The last time these two played it was the John Cornish show as he ran their perimeter and interior extremely well. That was on August 25 and the final score was only 17-10. The Riders will watch that video and priority number one will be to not let that happen again. Calgary 24, Saskatchewan 29

Through 48 games, Schultz is 27-21. The World is 25-23.
Schultz currently leads with 27 wins.

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