Every week Schultz will make his picks, and you do the same. See how you rank versus the Big Man, and against the rest of the world too. This season we're tracking your CFL performance so you can brag about it to your friends!

Week 17 Picks

7:00 PM Friday, October 19, 2012

Schultz Picks: Toronto

World Picks: 70.9% - Toronto
WPG 44 TOR 32.
Winnipeg Wins.

The Bombers are one game behind the Ticats, and three behind the Eskimos for a playoff spot, so they realistically need to go 3-0 with three games to go and hope Edmonton implodes. Toronto still can lose second place if they don't take care of business with Winnipeg on Friday. We'll see who'll step up. Winnipeg 19 , Toronto 29.

10:00 PM Friday, October 19, 2012

Schultz Picks: Edmonton

World Picks: 83.5% - B.C.
EDM 19 BC 39.
B.C. Wins.

Edmonton is coming off two good wins over Saskatchewan and Hamilton. Kerry Joseph has established himself as the "man" at QB and Hugh Charles has stepped up at running back. They have a chance for a 10-8 and a playoff game or games. It will not be easy as they still have BC , Montreal and Calgary, but there is reason to perform. B.C. sits four points ahead of Calgary with 3 to go. Logic says B.C., but Edmonton 29 , BC 28.

3:30 PM Saturday, October 20, 2012

Schultz Picks: Saskatchewan

World Picks: 68.4% - Saskatchewan
MTL 34 SSK 28.
Montreal Wins.

After winning five of six you could almost sense that the Riders were going to lose one as they did last week in Edmonton. This week, you can almost sense that the attitude will be "not two in a row!" Montreal beat Toronto on two big plays, that's it. I expect a bounce back game in Regina. Montreal 30 , Saskatchewan 36.

7:00 PM Saturday, October 20, 2012

Schultz Picks: Calgary

World Picks: 74.8% - Calgary
HAM 32 CGY 34.
Calgary Wins.

It's the third week of October and the Ticats are coming off a very poorly played game against B.C. as well as a loss to Edmonton. Not good news for the team heading into Week 17. For Calgary, the province next door is trying to steal second place. The Stampeders need this one to maintain a home field playoff game and they should get it, even with Henry Burris back in town. Calgary 30 , Hamilton 21.

Through 64 games, Schultz is 36-28. The World is 33-31.
Schultz currently leads with 36 wins.

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