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Week 19 Picks

7:30 PM Thursday, November 01, 2012

Schultz Picks: Hamilton

World Picks: 72.7% - Hamilton
HAM 40 TOR 43.

So simple for the Ticats. They have to win to make the playoffs and can transfer the pressure to win on Edmonton and in a genuine way. I would not be surprised if Toronto sat some key players starting with QB Ricky Ray. And if they do, it changes the competitive balance of the game in a genuine way. This game will say a lot about Tiger-Cat football, they are 1-7 on the road this year - even Winnipeg is better at 2-7 with their only home game left. We may see the Argos preparing for the playoffs, the Ticats still have to get there. Hamilton 28, Toronto 22.

9:00 PM Friday, November 02, 2012

Schultz Picks: Edmonton

World Picks: 58.5% - Calgary
CGY 30 EDM 27.

Edmonton knows they must win, Calgary has a playoff game to get ready for. Now, as well as Calgary played in the B.C. 41-21 win, the Lions did not show up in the first quarter. I will be fascinated to see how coach John Hufnagel uses his quarterbacks and personnel. And depending what happens on Thursday night the same may be said about Kavis Reed and his personnel. I think the pressure will be on Edmonton and I expect them to respond. Calgary 22, Edmonton 24.

3:00 PM Saturday, November 03, 2012

Schultz Picks: Montreal

World Picks: 66.4% - Montreal
MTL 11 WPG 19.
Winnipeg Wins.

What an unusual game this will be. Winnipeg is out so do you treat this as an evaluation game for 2O13? Montreal is in, but do not have a game of significance until they host the Eastern Final on November 18. But the pattern for head coach Marc Trestman is to play his best until there are no games left to play. We may see Adrian McPherson in the second half, and he will want to perform at his best. Montreal 30, Winnipeg 20.

10:00 PM Saturday, November 03, 2012

Schultz Picks: B.C.

World Picks: 69.2% - B.C.
SSK 6 BC 17.
B.C. Wins.

The final game of 2012 will be this one. I have a feeling that head coach Mike Benevides will want to recapture that feeling back. Not only the feeling of winning but the feeling of excellence in execution in all areas. The second half may be dramatically different that the first half depending on what happens in the first thirty minutes, but B.C. will play to win. Saskatchewan 19, B.C. 26

Through 72 games, Schultz is 39-31-2. The World is 36-34-2.
Schultz currently leads with 39 wins.

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