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Week 3 Picks

7:30 PM Thursday, July 12, 2012

Schultz Picks: Montreal

World Picks: 80.4% - Montreal
CGY 32 MTL 33.
Montreal Wins.

What a difference a week makes for the Als. Back on top with the deadly trio of Calvillo, Walker and Richardson all making contributions. For Calgary, two points of adversity to overcome: First the transition from Drew Tate to Kevin Glenn. Glenn has won in the past and he can win in the future, he just needs others to bring their personal 'A' games too. Second, extended road trip, as Calgary is staying in Kingston, Ontario this week. They say that these trips bond teams as they are able to focus on football. I don't go for it, it's a major pain, and does little to help. Montreal 31, Calgary 19.

9:00 PM Friday, July 13, 2012

Schultz Picks: Winnipeg

World Picks: 69.5% - Winnipeg
WPG 10 EDM 42.
Edmonton Wins.

Third road game in a row for the Bombers . At times you could see the offence clicking and moving forward, there just not enough of those moments. For Edmonton it was painfully obvious they have a lot of work to do. Not sure who will play at QB and if or when they will master the offense. The Bombers need a better game from their defense this week as the Alouettes' Brandon Whitiker had the monster game of the week. This one will be real close, but when it's done: Winnipeg 23, Edmonton 20.

3:00 PM Saturday, July 14, 2012

Schultz Picks: B.C.

World Picks: 52.1% - B.C.
BC 20 SSK 23.
Saskatchewan Wins.

Okay, this is where Saskatchewan comes down to earth a bit. The Riders held a 6-1 lead for the longest time until they pulled away in the fourth versus Edmonton. BC will not be held to one point at any point in the game. Andrew Harris at running back, Tim Brown as a returner and receiver Kierrie Johnson are fast, faster, and fastest. The line matchup of Ben Archibald and Javon Olivia of the Lions versus Brent Hawkins and Odell Willis is a push. Lions pull away in the fourth. BC 29, Saskatchewan 22.

7:00 PM Saturday, July 14, 2012

Schultz Picks: Toronto

World Picks: 62.9% - Hamilton
TOR 27 HAM 36.
Hamilton Wins.

This is inspiration versus desperation. The Argos win over Calgary was inspiring. Ricky Ray threw for over 400 yards and could have hit 500 with a little help. Mike O'Shea will not allow his special teams crew to underperform again, and it will not be a problem this week. It may sound too optimistic and maybe unrealistic but it is coming together in Hamilton. The have a bright light that could be a shining star in Chevon Walker. They must stay focused, as concentration on the process will dictate the speed of improvement. Tough one to pick because Ti-Cats desperation is an asset if they are focused. Still, I'll go with Toronto 31, Hamilton 29.

Through 12 games, Schultz is 6-6. The World is 6-6.
Schultz and The World are currently tied.

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