Every week Schultz will make his picks, and you do the same. See how you rank versus the Big Man, and against the rest of the world too. This season we're tracking your CFL performance so you can brag about it to your friends!

Week 4 Picks

7:30 PM Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Schultz Picks: Toronto

World Picks: 89.8% - Toronto
WPG 22 TOR 25.
Toronto Wins.

Well, let's see. Winnipeg has a 2nd team QB starting who is coming off a "knock out" hit in the previous game. The offensive line is limited by personnel and injury, and there is a new RB in Chad Simpson, who will make his first CFL start. And that is only on one side of the ball, and one third of the team. Toronto has a feeling of genuine optimism and they should. Down 21-0 at one point, they came back to make it a game against Hamilton. If Toronto can establish Cory Boyd early again early (168 yards vs. the Ticats), this one could be easy. Winnipeg 19, Toronto 30.

9:00 PM Thursday, July 19, 2012

Schultz Picks: Saskatchewan

World Picks: 72.6% - Saskatchewan
SSK 38 CGY 41.
Calgary Wins.

Although it may seem selfish, Drew Tate made the right decision to accept surgery on his left shoulder. It could be the difference between having a football career and a football experience. I never would have anticipated the Riders being the only undefeated team in the CFL after three weeks, but they are, so give them credit. This one will be close but the Riders are playing with intensity and self-control . Can they force a key mistake at a critical time? I think they can. Saskatchewan 24, Calgary 20

10:00 PM Friday, July 20, 2012

Schultz Picks: B.C.

World Picks: 91.4% - B.C.
EDM 27 BC 14.
Edmonton Wins.

This is a bounce-back opportunity for the Lions. Lost in the loss to the Riders last week was the fact that BC had 458 yards of total offense to Saskatchewan's 258, but the Riders did not turn the ball over once. I sense the Lions defense will get a key turnover or two this week. Being back home, coming off a loss, the Lions will be much too focused not to "take 'em" on Friday Night Football. Edmonton 19, BC 30.

7:00 PM Saturday, July 21, 2012

Schultz Picks: Hamilton

World Picks: 55.9% - Montreal
MTL 24 HAM 39.
Hamilton Wins.

This is a tough one. Montreal did not look good in their win over Calgary, and Hamilton no longer has that desperation mentality after getting their first win last week. If Hamilton can defuse the combination of Calvillo, Richardson and Whitaker, they have the talent on offense to win. After 12 games, home teams have won 11 and only lost one. That loss was week one, when Saskatchewan beat the Ticats in Hamilton. It's a bit of a risk, but I will stick with the pattern of home teams winning. Montreal 27, Hamilton 30.

Through 16 games, Schultz is 8-8. The World is 7-9.
Schultz currently leads with 8 wins.

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