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Week 15 Picks

7:00 PM Friday, October 04, 2013

Schultz Picks: Toronto

World Picks: 67.1% - Toronto
HAM 33 TOR 19.
Hamilton Wins.

One team is full of confidence and success and the other is not. For Hamilton to win this one, they need Greg Ellingson back and CJ Gable to have his best game of the year. For Toronto to win, they just have to start faster and continue to play their best in the fourth quarter. I can see Hamilton winning as Toronto is due for a letdown and this would be the game for that. But that goes against logic and playing back home after four weeks away, I just can do that. If there is one aspect of football that must improve for Toronto, it is the kicking game. Argo kickers have missed too many field goals of makable distance all season and, just like the slow starts, eventually that catches up to you. Hamilton is trying to get to the playoffs and is sliding into desperation mentality. Toronto can survive a loss as they are a playoff team but it will only be October 4th when they play so it's too early for any form of complacency. Argos in a close game.

10:00 PM Friday, October 04, 2013

Schultz Picks: B.C.

World Picks: 59.5% - B.C.
SSK 31 BC 17.
Saskatchewan Wins.

The good news for the Riders is they are only four points out of first place with five games to play. The bad news is they have to play BC in Vancover where the Lions always play their best football. When looking at the standings, I noticed the number 299 under points allowed for the Roughriders. Nobody in CFL football has allowed fewer points but they could only score 12 in Montreal. Will they come back and score 25 or 35 in B.C.? That's unlikely. This all started back in Winnipeg the game after Labour Day in a 25-13 loss to the Blue Bombers. September has been a very tough month and I think it will transfer into October. B.C. by a field goal.

3:30 PM Saturday, October 05, 2013

Schultz Picks: Montreal

World Picks: 64.5% - Montreal
MTL 47 EDM 24.
Montreal Wins.

When Kyries Herbert is playing with Chip Cox, the Alouettes are as good as any team on defence. A lot will depend on Eskimos QB Mike Reilly and his health. I feel Edmonton has found a quarterback here in the present with a bright future. He also is becoming embraced by the city of Edmonton with his style of play and courage. But if he is not ready, do not play him. This season will go down as one of the most difficult in Eskimos history, not for the 3-10 record but for the way the losses have happened; when they could have been wins. Is it worth sitting your top player to make sure you have him for years to come? I say yes. It may not happen but if it does, that is okay, too. Montreal

6:30 PM Saturday, October 05, 2013

Schultz Picks: Calgary

World Picks: 89.0% - Calgary
WPG 11 CGY 38.
Calgary Wins.

Stampeders head coach John Hufnagel will not let it happen. He will not let his team be influenced by the struggles of another team, in this case, Winnipeg. It may be one of those games that if the passing offence does not work, just give the ball to Jon Cornish 25 times. Either way, the Stampeders are too good on defence to let Winnipeg execute on offence with consistency. Rene Paredes may be the MVP for Calgary. His kicking ability is one of the special stories of the year and means the close games become close wins for the Stampeders. Can Winnipeg win? Yes, they can but Calgary would have to self-destruct at key moments and I can't see that happening. Stampeders

Through 56 games, Schultz is 32-24. The World is 38-18.
The World currently leads with 38 wins.

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