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Week 3 Picks

7:30 PM Thursday, July 11, 2013

Schultz Picks: Toronto

World Picks: 71.2% - Saskatchewan
SSK 39 TOR 28.
Saskatchewan Wins.

Urgency is on the side of the Argonauts. They did not play well in BC and this week they have to play their best to beat a Rider team that is playing better than anyone in the league. Having Dontrell Inman back will make a difference as outside of Chad Owens he is Toronto's best playmaker. The No. 1 priority for the Riders is also the No. 1 priority for the Argonauts - get Kory Sheets the ball and stop Kory Sheets when he has the ball. After rushing for a career-high 131 yards in the Edmonton Game, Sheets rushed for 133 against Calgary for a second career high Friday night. This one could be close and it may come down to a Noel Prefontaine field goal to win it for the Argos. Toronto by 3, no more.

7:30 PM Friday, July 12, 2013

Schultz Picks: Montreal

World Picks: 55.4% - Calgary
CGY 22 MTL 14.
Calgary Wins.

Logic says Calgary when you consider how Montreal played against Winnipeg. I mean you have 20 possessions and 15 of them are two-and-out? Something is seriously wrong, which is why I think Montreal is going to win. Anthony Calvillo is a prideful pro and will not have a second game of inefficiency like he did last week. Against Saskatchewan John Cornish was a non-factor with only nine carries for 43 yards. He has to stay involved for the Stampeders to roll and Montreal knows that. This one should be a field goal game but I am going with the pride of Calvillo over a talented Stampeder team. Montreal by 3.

6:30 PM Saturday, July 13, 2013

Schultz Picks: Winnipeg

World Picks: 59.0% - Hamilton
WPG 20 HAM 25.
Hamilton Wins.

I just hope it doesn't rain again in Guelph so we have a more polished game of execution come Saturday. Tough one to evaluate as the Ticats are desperate for that first win but I don't know if they have the pass rushers to help the cover personnel throughout the game. With 11 quarterback sacks you know that Winnipeg does. Logic says Ticats but Bombers showed a lot in overcoming a lot of turnover adversity. Bombers again in a close one.

9:30 PM Saturday, July 13, 2013

Schultz Picks: B.C.

World Picks: 85.2% - B.C.
BC 17 EDM 3.
B.C. Wins.

BC woke up against Toronto and I don't think they will go back to sleep. Edmonton won the Hamilton game due to some great play out of Hugh Charles and Ticats mistakes. Possible but I don't think Mr. Charles will run for 70 yards again against the Lions and I don't think BC will self-destruct the way Hamilton did Sunday afternoon. BC Lions win in Commonwealth.

Through 12 games, Schultz is 6-6. The World is 9-3.
The World currently leads with 9 wins.

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