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Week 6 Picks

9:00 PM Friday, August 02, 2013

Schultz Picks: Edmonton

World Picks: 56.7% - Edmonton
HAM 30 EDM 29.
Hamilton Wins.

Kavis Reed said basically that even though they lost he saw improvement and was optimistic. And he is right. The Eskimos did mismanage the clock and are 1-4 but did bring a new clarity to the quarterback position with the second-half play of Mike Reilly. On the extreme opposite I am not sure if Hamilton improved at all against a good Riders team in the 32-20 loss. Run defence was an issue for Edmonton but I don't expect Chevon Walker, Lamar Lindsey or C.J. Gable to have anywhere near the success of 162 yards that Brandon Whitaker produced last week and I think Hugh Charles is due for a breakout game. The Ticats are so young and inexperienced in the secondary that if they don't get a sustained pass rush they can play effective defence. And yes, they miss Chris Williams and all the speed he brings to the game. Hamilton 22, Edmonton 29.

7:00 PM Monday, August 05, 2013

Schultz Picks: B.C.

World Picks: 93.0% - B.C.
WPG 20 BC 27.
B.C. Wins.

Well, the worst thing that could have happened to Winnipeg did when BC lost to Toronto 38-12 on Tuesday. This will be an immensely focused Lions team come Monday because they were expected to win but played like they anticipated in losing. Only 12 points on offence was a credit to a good Argo defence but also an inability of BC to score touchdowns and settle for field goals. The last time BC played an ineffective game was Week 1 in Calgary. In Week 2 it was a different team that handled Toronto all game. With so much unknown with Bomber quarterbacks I expect the same. Winnipeg 17, BC 38.

Through 22 games, Schultz is 13-9. The World is 17-5.
The World currently leads with 17 wins.

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