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Week 5 Picks

8:20 PM Thursday, October 04, 2012

Arizona (-1.5)
St. Louis
Schultz Picks: Arizona

World Picks: 76.6% - Arizona
ARI 3 STL 17 St. Louis Wins
Your Pick:

Both teams are trying to keep winning and improve in the process. A concern of mine going into this game is that for the Rams, of the 19 points scored against the Seattle Seahawks last week, seven came on a fake field goal. And, even though they intercepted Russell Wilson three times they could only score a legitimate 12 points. My concern for Arizona is that even though they have won 11 of their last 13, a lot of the wins were dramatic and overtime victories. But 4-0 is equal to Houston and Atlanta so something is definitely working right. A big concern was major youth at offensive tackle for the Cardinals, but both new players are doing well. The best player in the game is Larry Fitzgerald and he wears red. Arizona covers.

1:00 PM Sunday, October 07, 2012

Cincinnati (-4.0)
Schultz Picks: Cincinnati

World Picks: 78.0% - Cincinnati
MIA 17 CIN 13 Miami Wins
Your Pick:

The Dolphins are a good 1-3 football team. When you look at the season so far, they lost to Houston (to be expected), had a dominant win over Oakland and then suffered two OT losses to the Jets and Cardinals. The Dolphins could be 3-1 but they play a Bengals team that over the last three weeks has scored 34,38 and 27 points with the last two on the road. This is good offence vs. good defence and I will take the offence. Bengals cover.

1:00 PM Sunday, October 07, 2012

Green Bay (-7.0)
Schultz Picks: Green Bay

World Picks: 87.4% - Green Bay
GB 27 IND 30 Indianapolis Wins
Your Pick:

This is the beginning of three straight road games for Green Bay with Houston and St. Louis coming up. For the Colts, they are coming off the bye week but the illness to head coach Chuck Pagano has to be distressing. Aaron Rodgers will have downfield choices to work with and I'm not sure the Colts can keep pace. Packers cover.

1:00 PM Sunday, October 07, 2012

Baltimore (-5.0)
Kansas City
Schultz Picks: Baltimore

World Picks: 92.7% - Baltimore
BAL 9 KC 6 Kansas City Wins
Your Pick:

Coming off ten days between games is an advantage for the Ravens. Hate not taking the home underdog but with only one win (27-24 over the Saints), I don't think this will be a field goal game. You can score points on Kansas City - Atlanta scored 40, Buffalo scored 35 and San Diego scored 37 last week. Big day for Torrey Smith, who averages 20 yards per catch. Ravens cover.

1:00 PM Sunday, October 07, 2012

Atlanta (-3.0)
Schultz Picks: Atlanta

World Picks: 72.8% - Atlanta
ATL 24 WSH 17 Atlanta Wins
Your Pick:

The Falcons are due for a loss, just not sure it is this week. In their two road games this year (at Kansas City and San Diego), they've had dominant wins and the last-minute win over Carolina last week will be a little bit of a wake-up call. Robert Griffin III is playing very well, scoring 40, 28, 31 and 24 points but, as a defence, the Redskins allow a lot of points (32, 31, 38 and 22). Ryan outscores Griffin. Atlanta covers and moves to 5-0.

1:00 PM Sunday, October 07, 2012

NY Giants (-9.5)
Schultz Picks: Cleveland

World Picks: 63.0% - NY Giants
CLE 27 NYG 41 NY Giants Wins
Your Pick:

I think Cleveland can keep it within a touchdown. They have had 10 days between games and are by no means playoff ready, but showed some flashes of professional success against the Ravens. The Giants are coming off a two-point loss on Sunday night and now play a team that has yet to win. A bit of a trap game for the Giants. Browns keep it under 10.

1:00 PM Sunday, October 07, 2012

Pittsburgh (-3.5)
Schultz Picks: Pittsburgh

World Picks: 66.7% - Pittsburgh
PHI 14 PIT 16 Philadelphia Wins
Your Pick:

Three of the Steelers' best players in Troy Polamalu, Rashard Mendenhall and James Harrison should be back as starters and healthy starters. They play an Eagles team that has won two games by one point and one game by two points. Yes, Michael Vick did not turn the ball over once against the Giants, which is the main reason they won 19-17. It's only the third time in 26 starts that has happened. At 1-2, the Steelers can't afford another loss. Steelers cover.

4:05 PM Sunday, October 07, 2012

Carolina (-3.0)
Schultz Picks: Carolina

World Picks: 61.5% - Carolina
SEA 16 CAR 12 Seattle Wins
Your Pick:

The Seahawks have only allowed 58 points this year, which is very good, but have only scored 70 points this year which is not so good. There is talk of Matt Flynn replacing Russell Wilson after the three interceptions given up in the St. Louis game. The Panthers rebounded well after the disaster against the Giants with a close loss to Atlanta. Newton over Wilson has some merit at home for Carolina. Panthers cover.

4:05 PM Sunday, October 07, 2012

Chicago (-5.5)
Schultz Picks: Chicago

World Picks: 90.8% - Chicago
CHI 41 JAC 3 Chicago Wins
Your Pick:

I can't see the Jaguars scoring a lot of points. Their entire offence goes through Maurice Jones-Drew, who is the leading ball carrier and leading receiver. The other top three perimeter players have only 28 catches combined and we are going into the fifth game of the season. The Bears have put together two good weeks of football. Time for a third. Bears cover.

4:25 PM Sunday, October 07, 2012

Minnesota (-6.0)
Schultz Picks: Tennessee

World Picks: 73.2% - Minnesota
TEN 7 MIN 30 Minnesota Wins
Your Pick:

Christian Ponder has been a surprise this year with no interceptions after four games, allowing the Vikings to rise to 3-1 and be optimistic about the next 12 games. The Titans are allowing way too many points to become a threat in the AFC South. They are on pace to allow 633 points this year and that would break the NFL record of 533 held by Baltmore in 1981. Matt Hasselbeck should start at QB and Chris Johnson is coming off one of his best games in a long time. Titans keep it close.

4:25 PM Sunday, October 07, 2012

New England (-6.5)
Schultz Picks: Denver

World Picks: 61.9% - New England
DEN 21 NE 31 New England Wins
Your Pick:

In his history against the New England Patriots, Manning has seven wins, 10 losses, 37 touchdowns and 24 interceptions. When you look at the season so far, both Denver losses have been by six points. Even if New England scores first and often, Manning will be at his best in the fourth quarter. The offence is coming around for the Broncos, who did not punt against the Raiders last week. When your running game goes for 247 yards on only 40 carries (6.1 average), you will score 52 points like New England did last week. Broncos will fight to the end and keep it close. Broncos.

4:25 PM Sunday, October 07, 2012

San Francisco (-10.0)
Schultz Picks: San Francisco

World Picks: 76.5% - San Francisco
BUF 3 SF 45 San Francisco Wins
Your Pick:

The Bills were up 21-7 on New England at halftime but 42 points later, it was an easy Patriots win. Now, travel 2,500 miles and play one of, if not the most physical teams in football at home. The 49ers dominated the line of scrimmage against the Jets, allowing only 145 yards while running for 245. I doubt there will be a repeat against the Bills but I doubt the Bills can respond and win the line of scrimmage against the 49ers. 49ers cover.

8:20 PM Sunday, October 07, 2012

San Diego
New Orleans (-3.5)
Schultz Picks: New Orleans

World Picks: 64.4% - New Orleans
SD 24 NO 31 New Orleans Wins
Your Pick:

Only the 1992 San Diego Chargers have reached the NFL playoffs after starting the season at 0-4. Well, that's the battle cry now in New Orleans. To be the second to do so, they will have to win 10 of 12 to qualify for the Wild Card but the crazy thing is they have the talent to do it. The last excellent offence that San Diego played was Atlanta and they lost 27-3. I don't expect to see the 3, but I do expect to see the 27. Saints are not done yet. Saints cover.

8:30 PM Monday, October 08, 2012

Houston (-7.0)
NY Jets
Schultz Picks: Houston

World Picks: 91.3% - Houston
HOU 23 NYJ 17 NY Jets Wins
Your Pick:

I honestly figured this would come in at 12 to 15 points for the favoured Texans but at 7 points, I will take Houston. The Jets are facing adversity in every way while Houston is riding a wave of success and the wave has yet to peak. I expect Houston will do what San Francisco did last week, run for 247 yards and hold the Jets to 145 yards. Maybe not that dramatic in numbers but something still one-sided. This is the first prime-time game in a long time for the Houston Texans and their players will enjoy the spotlight. Texans cover.

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