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One-on-one with Blue Jays starter R.A. Dickey

RA Dickey

Ryan Kesler Does Ice Bucket Challenge In Fluorescent Speedo

By Daniel Bruno (@_brewknow) Aug. 28, 2014 8:46 PM
Anaheim Ducks forward Ryan Kesler has officially put himself on the short list of best ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos. Kesler strips down into a fluorescent speedo, drives a pink toy car and then gets poured on from the bed of a pickup truck. To top it all off he challenged 3 of his former coaches, Marc Crawford, Alain Vigneault and John Tortorella.

Great work, Ryan.

Chris Kluwe knows all about fantasy leagues

By Christian Marin (@xianmarin) Aug. 28, 2014 5:16 PM
When you think of the word 'fantasy' you think of either a fantasy sports league or you think of wizards and goblins and other characters you expect to see in World of Warcraft. Well, former NFL punter Chris Kluwe is the commissioner of a fantasy league, only his league is one of the leagues where you're not thinking about Adrian Peterson or LeSean McCoy as the top pick, you're thinking something else:

Whether you're drafting players or characters, some things never change in fantasy leagues.

[H/T Extra Mustard]

Fan builds Texas Longhorns' stadium with Legos

By Christian Marin (@xianmarin) Aug. 28, 2014 3:35 PM
The 2014 college football season has arrived and it has some fans more excited than others. One fan killed time waiting for the season to arrive by building Darrell K Royal – Texas Memorial Stadium out of Legos, and it's pretty impressive:

And just in case you were wondering, the screen inside the stadium works:

[Images courtesy of baconeverywhere2/imgur]
[H/T Fan Sided]

Andrew Wiggins stays true to his roots

By Christian Marin (@xianmarin) Aug. 28, 2014 2:15 PM
Since the NBA Draft, and probably even earlier than that, Andrew Wiggins has wondered which NBA city he was going to be representing when he turned pro. Now a member of the Minnesota Timberwolves, Wiggins can focus on his game and building his brand without worrying about where he will play or who wants him to play for them. The NBA season is still nearly two months away, but Wiggins has already begun building his brand as a professional athlete.

The Vaughan, Ontario native made his national debut in a recent online campaign for BioSteel Sports Inc., where he returns to Glen Shields Public School, his high school in Vaughan where it all started for him. Shot on the very court that he learned to play the game on, it pays homage to his time spent growing up in the GTA trying to make it as a professional basketball player:

Get used to seeing Wiggins in commercials, because we're guessing there will be plenty more where that came from.

Johnny Manziel stars in Snickers commercial

By Christian Marin (@xianmarin) Aug. 28, 2014 1:19 PM
Johnny Manziel stars in Snickers commercial

A lot of people didn't know much about Johnny Manziel before the 2014 NFL Draft, but this summer they got to know a lot more about the 2012 Heisman Trophy winner. As one of the highly talked about names in the rookie class, and now the NFL in general, you can expect to see more of Manziel in your home this season and for seasons to come, starting with this new Snickers ad:

An NFL #ThrowbackThursday with The Simpsons

By Danny Wright (@dannnywright) Aug. 28, 2014 1:04 PM
As a huge The Simpsons fan boy and sports enthusiast, I was pleasantly surprised when a simple NFL YouTube search brought me to a 1995 NFL on Fox promo featuring our favourite animated family.

In September 1995, The Simpsons were entering their seventh season, while the NFL was simultaneously beginning its 76th regular season. The two used this adjacent start time to create possibly one of the greatest NFL on Fox promos of all time.

In the promotional short, Homer calls in to FOX Sports and is the millionth caller, winning a trip to the NFL studio at Fox. The first NFL personality Homer and Bart meet is Terry Bradshaw, who Homer does not believe when Bradshaw tells him the NFL game winners aren't predetermined. Bart then runs into James Brown who he confuses with Jim Brown the NFL running back, and James Brown the singer-songwriter. Homer tells Jimmy Johnson about his boss, in a segment that pulls a few hilarious punches at Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Howie Long then allows Bart to give hellos to family and friends live on the air, but Bart adds a fake name at the end, resembling the classic gag from the television show where Bart prank phone calls Moe.

The promo gives us a thorough NFL season preview, bringing us back to the 1995 season. It's crazy to think of the longevity of studio analysts Bradshaw, Long and Johnson's careers, who all remain on the NFL on Fox panel to this day.

Check out the feature! It is well worth the watch for both NFL and The Simpsons fans alike!

There are many football related moments from The Simpsons over the years, including…

Mr. Burns' inspirational speech in 'Homer Loves Flanders':

Coach Homer cutting down the roster of the peewee football team from 'Bart Star':

The King of the Hill gang even shows up for the Springfield versus Arlen peewee football game:

One-On-One With Jonathan Toews

By Daniel Bruno (@_brewknow) Aug. 27, 2014 5:08 PM
At the young age of 26, Jonathan Toews has already accomplished more than most NHLers have over their entire career. At the age of 20, Toews was named captain of the Chicago Blackhawks, making him the 3rd youngest captain in the history of the league. He also has 2 gold medals representing Canada in the last two Olympic games and has already raised the Stanley Cup as captain twice. It doesn't end there, as Toews won the Conn Smyth back in 2010, during that 1st Stanley Cup run. So, what's next for one of the best leaders in the game today? Here's my sitdown with Jonathan Toews.

You're here today for Canadian Tire's Heroes of Play program, which honours hockey volunteers from across Canada who have dedicated their time to the sport at the community level. If you were able to give out this honour to someone in your life, who would that person be?
The person who meant a lot to me was my coach, Thom Gross. He was really good at not only teaching kids how to play the game the right way, but also how to prepare and how to train off the ice and how to visualize and build your mental skill. It's important to build your mental skill to overcome challenges you may face. So, he meant a lot to me as far as learning how to play the game, but also learning all those other things that go along with it.

Keeping with your childhood, was there a sports jersey that you wore way too often as a kid?
Ya, I had a Wayne Gretzky L.A. Kings jersey, and I had a bunch of autographs on it and I think I lost it or it got stolen or something so I was pretty crushed when that happened.

Was it the white one? Black one?
It was the white one, but I had the black one too.

(Getty Images)

Defender Forced To Play Goal; Makes 2 Saves & Scores Winner In Penalty Kicks!

By Daniel Bruno (@_brewknow) Aug. 28, 2014 12:34 PM
Ludogorets defender Cosmin Moti had to stand in goal during penalty kicks last night, as his goalkeeper was sent off with a red card in the second part of extra time. Moti took this opportunity to put together one of the greatest one man performances in recent memory, as he went on to not only stop 2 penalty kicks, but score the game winner to send his team into the group stage of the Champions League. Absolutely insane performance from the centre back that you have to see to believe.

Here are the two saves he made to send his team to the Champions League.

And you can see the goal that put his team in the lead during this interview. Quite a funny sight as he scores and then walks directly to the net to prepare to stop the next shot. (Goal at 0:34)

NBA teams keep hashtag game rolling with NBA Cartoons

By Christian Marin (@xianmarin) Aug. 28, 2014 12:31 PM
NBA teams keep hashtag game rolling with NBA Cartoons

NBA teams have been having some fun over Twitter with the hashtag game. They've gotten pretty creative with their posts in the past for hashtags such as 'NBA Movies' and 'NBA Super Heroes'. The Milwaukee Bucks kicked off another edition of the game this week with the hashtag 'NBA Cartoons'. Here are some of the better posts that the teams came up with throughout the day: