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BarDown goes 1-on-1 with Steven Stamkos

Daniel Bruno (@_brewknow) Jul. 30, 2014 4:16 PM
Steven Stamkos - BarDown Pinned Photo: USA Today
Steven Stamkos is one of the most dynamic goal scorers of this generation and could go down as one of the best ever when it's all set and done. At the young age of 24, Stamkos has already had 50 and 60 goal seasons, made all-star teams and won the "Rocket" Richard trophy, but now he's focused his sights on lifting the Cup. Here's my sitdown with Tampa Bay Lightning Captain, Steven Stamkos.

(image / Kim Klement-USA TODAY)

Which sports jersey as a kid did you wear way too much?

Oh that's a tough one. We used to go to a bunch of Buffalo Bills games as a kid. I had a Eric Moulds jersey that I wore all the time. Funny story actually, me and a couple buddies went to the Canadian Open when it was in Markham, I think it was 2002. We were 12 years old and all wore NFL jerseys... We stuck out like sore thumbs.

(photo / Associated Press)

What was your first real job?

First legit job was at St. Lawrence market, I worked at upper cut meats. My dad worked there early on in his 20s, the same owner was there when I was 14, he got me a job there. So every Saturday morning I'd go down there and work a 12 hour shift, get to take home some free meat.

Speaking of your dad, he's of Macedonian decent, can you name any other Macedonian NHL players?

Yes I can. Ed Jovanovski, Jose Theodore, Steve Staios, Mike Zigomanis...

Those are the only ones I remember, to be honest.

See I could name more than you knew (laughs).

Apparently, you were a pretty good student in school?

I was decent.

If you were to go to university/college, what would your major be?

Ohh my major. That's a tough one, it would have to be something with sports, like sports marketing or sports management or something like that.

BarDown's team Toronto; Tavares, Stamkos, Perry, Doughty, Subban.

That's a pretty good team.

I know you can't say you'd come to Toronto, but would you consider being the Dwayne Wade of the NHL and getting a couple of those superstars to join you in Florida and form a super team?

Absolutely, If I could win 2 Stanley Cups as a result of that I would do it in a heartbeat. I think a lot of people gave those guys grief for doing that, but they got two championships, so can't complain about that.

(Photo via petitpetitgamon.com)

Steve Yzerman isn't an ordinary GM, he's a hall of famer, what's the best piece of advice he's ever given you?

To be honest, for the most part he tries to stay away from the players and let the coaches do the job and stuff. But when he's around, he'll grab guys. For me, it was just kind of what it takes to win it at this level. He was an unbelievable offensive player in the first part of his career too, obviously they had a great team in Detroit, but he realized what it took to win and had to change his game and his style a little bit. I've been fortunate enough to have 50 and 60 goal season, but I haven't been lucky enough to win a stanley cup yet, so you do have to make some sacrifices and being the captain now, you obviously want to lead by example, so looking forward to the challenge.

Gary Roberts, Genius or maniac?

Both. The maniac genius. That guy's still in unbelievable shape. I was fortunate to play with him in my rookie season in Tampa and started working out with him the summer after. It's just a lifestyle change, it's something I never even thought about before I met Gary, was all the stuff away from the gym that you need to do in order to stay successful and keep your body, which is ultimately your temple, in top form. If your body is still intact you'll still be able to play, so he's taught me a lot about that.

Favourite Tampa Bay Lightning jersey?

Oh, I like the vintage. I used to play EASports' NHL games a lot and loved the one with the flames on the sleeves... Ya, we should bring those back. Just for one game.

(photo via gamewornauctions.net)

That should be one of your duties as captain, to bring those jerseys back.

(Laughs) Ya, I'll put in a good word.

You're a big PGA fan, what's your dream foursome, alive or dead?

That one's pretty easy. I think you have to go with the big boys, Arnie, you have to go with Jack. And I'd like to play with Tiger, I know, a lot has gone on in Tiger's life, but Tiger in his prime was probably the best golfer of all time.

Top played song on your iPod?

Probably, um, definitely a JayZ song. There's so many good ones. I hardly ever listen to music though, thats the thing.

Favourite teammate of all time to be on the road with?

Ou, there's a couple. There's life of the party kind of guy, Ryan Malone, great teammate. And Teddy Purcell, he's a good guy.

Go to pickup line?

(laughs) Ummm.

Have you heard of heygirlimstevenstamkos.com?

No, but I like that one. Hey girls, I'm Steven Stamkos, wanna party? I think I make a better wingman.

Take a look at some of these.

(scrolling and laughing) who does this? This is a legit website? Ohhh man. I've got an iron... (laughs). I may have to jot some of those down.

(Photos courtesy heygirlimstevenstamkos.tumblr.com)

And for our final question, can you go BarDown?

I think I've proved that I can.