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Biosteel Tournament Player Draft

Daniel Bruno (@_brewknow) Aug. 14, 2014 2:24 PM
Biosteele - BarDown Pinned Photo: Bardown
The Biosteel Camp is an annual pro hockey training camp that culminates in a four team tournament. The purpose of the camp is to give players a pro environment for a "dry run" training camp, which helps the players get back into top form when they report back to their teams in a few weeks.

Today, the four captains held a player draft to decide rosters of the four teams that will participate in the tournament. The captains responsible for making some tough decisions were Michael Cammalleri, Tyler Seguin, Michael Del Zotto and Wayne Simmonds.

Watch the entire draft here and find out which brothers went first and second overall.

Also, check out some post draft coverage with the four captains to find out what they think of each team going into the tournament. Includes, rumoured trades involving bottles of wine.

And here are some more pictures from this year's Biosteel player draft.