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Don Cherry Does Ice Bucket Challenge In Full Suit

Daniel Bruno (@_brewknow) Aug. 21, 2014 3:49 PM
Canadian broadcasting legend, Don Cherry, decided to do his ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in one of his famous and glamourous suits. And that's not the only thing, Grapes also decided to challenge CTV's Brian Williams! Only problem is that Williams already did his ice bucket challenge almost a week ago. Still, Cherry's Ice Bucket challenge is one of the best yet. Thumbs Up.

And here's Brian Williams' Ice Bucket Challenge from last week.

As you saw in Brian Williams' video, he challenged "Out For A Rip" star, B. Rich to the Ice Bucket Challenge. B. Rich takes a little bit of a different approach with help from his lovely assistant, Nanna.

And since it's probably been too long since you've watched this, here's the TSN Remix of "Out For A Rip".