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Hockey card Hall of Fame

BarDown Staff (@BarDown) Apr. 2, 2014 2:33 AM
We took to Twitter on Tuesday and had some fun with some great baseball card fails. Perhaps none better then this epic action pose

That quickly turned into featuring some the best of the worst hockey cards. The response was fantastic and with that we also created BarDown's first Hall of Fame. 

So, with out further ado, with the help of some very helpful Twitter followers, we are very proud to introduce you to BarDown's inaugural class of the Hockey Card Hall of Fame.
1. Our First Inductee is The Kings Mike Corrigan. Mike played with the Kings, Canucks and the Pens. The second most interesting thing about Mike is that very early in his junior hockey days, Corrigan played a little goalie. The first most interesting thing about Mike is his face in this photo.

2. Our second inductee comes from a former TSN employee only known as "Producer Tim". It's a classic, featuring Pavel Bure, roller blades and casual pose near the beach. All those elements give you instant access into the Hockey Card Hall of Fame.

3. Next up, Martin Brodeur. This may be the perfect draft shot.

Not only is his haircut fresh (and square) but his wispy moustache made him a Hall Of Famer before he even played a game in the NHL

4. Our fourth inductee is the infamous Eric Lindros.

We know that Eric was a great athlete in his prime, we didn't know that it also included water sports. His excellent pose + wave + the life jacket and the frosted tips = Hockey Card Hall Of Famer

5. Our final induction goes to a man who never played in the NHL but still was named celebrity captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins and got his own hockey card. The legendary Mr. Rogers and there's even a video of him accepting a cardigan with a C and skating out in Melon Arena to address the crowd. He is a true Hall of Famer.

It was the 1991 Pen's home opener. If you scroll to the 2:40 mark, Mike Lange explains that each team in the NHL had to pick a local celebrity captain to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the NHL, the Pens with the man, the myth and the legend known as Fred Rogers.

Here is the vid:

We look forward to adding the Hockey Card Hall Of Fame and will accept any and all nominations you send our way @ BarDown