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Hodge: The Baseball Project, PASS IT ON

Dave Hodge (@TSNDaveHodge) Mar. 31, 2014 4:07 PM
I missed the start of the baseball season, and I'm guessing you did, too. It's not quite normal as we jump aboard a season that finds the Los Angeles Dodgers with a 2-1 record, and Aussies singing "TOOK me out to the ball game". Clayton Kershaw has already posted a win and missed a start, and pitchers on 27 other teams are still awaiting their first walk to the mound.

You're excused if you think the baseball season is a movie with flashbacks that make you want to scream with confusion. We need some sort of different inspiration to launch the season in North America.

Watching a ceremonial "SECOND pitch" in San Diego last night wasn't a moment worth capturing. So here's what I do when I want to get into the baseball mood—I delve into "The Baseball Project". It's the perfect marriage of music and sports. You only have to love one to feel the vibe, but it's a better if you love both, and if that's the case, you already know "The Baseball Project", or you should.

The guys (and girl) are Steve Wynn, Scott McCaughey, Peter Buck, Mike Mills and Linda Pitmon. They are more famous to some because of other, or previous endeavours. For example, when I hosted the group at a Blue Jays game, fans in the adjacent suite stopped watching the game to take pictures with a certain member (Mills) of a band that went by the name of R.E.M.

Mike has posed for many photos, but these were special because they showed him wearing a baseball glove. A rock star goes to a ball game as a kid would do.

"The Baseball Project" has been good enough to bring us a new batch of songs with which to greet the 2014 season. I won't spoil your fun, but if you'd like to find out how Dock Ellis, Dale Murphy, Pascual Perez and Larry (yes, Larry) Yount fit into rock songs, you will track down "The Baseball Project's" newly-released "3rd". And then you will run the musical bases in reverse to find Ichiro, Panda, the Freak and Bill Buckner in the "2nd" record, and the likes of Jackie Robinson, Willie Mays and Ted F****** Williams in the groundbreaking "1st".

When you've been properly hooked, you are asked to make a 25-man roster of like-minded fans by telling 24 friends what they're missing if they aren't already singing the perfect song about perfect games—"Harvey Haddix".

Watch here and listen to "The Baseball Project", and then PASS IT ON.