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Most hated teams in the NHL by province, country and continent

BarDown Staff (@BarDown) Aug. 5, 2014 2:54 PM
Pinned Photo: Reddit
A few users over on Reddit have been conducting the type of census you would actually enjoy taking time out of your day to fill out. The question? Which NHL team do you hate the most?

After a few days of tallying the results are finally in and it couldn't be more clear that Boston is apparently the most hated team in not only Canada, but in the entire world as well.

We can understand why most of Canada may not be so fond of boys from Boston (looking at you Canucks, Leafs & Canadiens fans). But what exactly is it about the Bruins that China, Australia or Russia doesn't like?

The two most surprising results from the Canadian side are probably the fact that Alberta is the only province that hated another Canadian team and that Africa doesn't see eye to eye with the Winnipeg Jets. Although, there is an explanation for Africa's disliking of the Jets. One reddit user admitted that he filled out his survey as a citizen of an African nation to express his discontent for the Atlanta Thrashers.

When you move the discussion south of the border the results seem a little bit more pragmatic. Only a little bit, though. Most states dislike their closest rival or the most successful teams in the area. But we have a few burning questions we'd like answered. Why does Wyoming hate the team from our nations capital and what did the Canucks do to not get a little bit of southern hospitality from Alabama?

Now, of course no one really knows just how accurate these surveys are, but Reddit user kmhokies35 posted the results from Pennsylvania (link: http://imgur.com/a/BEa16#p67WPEu ) to show just how many people actually filled out the survey and how they voted.

(H/T: Reddit)