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Sweden and Russia's Hockey Coaches Get Heated

Aaron Stern (@TheSternMan24) May. 24, 2014 12:18 PM
Sweden and Russia's Hockey Coaches Get Heated

During today's IIHF semi final game, the coaches for Team Sweden and Team Russia did not seem too happy with each other. The two coaches got into a verbal altercation that included threats, bizarre hand signals, and shouting. Check it out:

It is clear that the two are not discussing where to get a rack of ribs after the game. We'll leave the interpretation as to what they are saying up to you guys.

Every now and then, we'll see two coaches go at it. Here is a clip of Lindy Ruff and Bryan Murray getting into it a few years ago. Rob Ray is caught in the middle of it and isn't really sure what to do:

And of course, just this past season we famously saw John Tortorella attempt to get into the Calgary Flames locker room to get at head coach Bob Hartley:

Russia would end up beating Sweden 3-1 and will move on to the finals of the tournament.