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The Aalto puck

BarDown Staff (@BarDown) Mar. 25, 2014 10:20 AM
We always hear people talking about ways to improve hockey. Some would like bigger nets, others would like smaller goalie pads, etc. The list is usually typical. Very rarely does a new idea come along, until now. This company would like to change the actual hockey puck.

This is how they describe their version of the puck.

"The Aalto Puck is made in the same material as a regular hockey puck and behaves in the same way on ice with one fundamental difference. It has a built in randomness, it doesn't bounce as a regular puck, it can, depending on how it's hit, speed off in different ways and more importantly, by adding an element of chance it's the most equal puck produced. Advantages are randomly given to either of the two competing teams. By adding the element of chance this small puck changes the big picture."

To be honest, this will be a very hard idea to get past hockey purest, however evolutionary thinking always does cause a big stir in the beginning. Perhaps the puck should be part of the conversation.