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The Most Interesting Man in the World (of Hockey)

BarDown Staff (@BarDown) May. 29, 2014 4:25 AM
Darryl Sutter doesn't always give the most interesting post game press conferences, but when he does they are awesome. Case in point:

The thing is that's just a small part of the great story featuring the Los Angeles Kings coach / former BlackHawk / Sutter brother.

For example,

Interesting Darryl fact: he's a painter.

Here's an example of his work:

Apparently Darryl painted this impressive piece when he was in grade four. That was years before he knew that he's have brothers playing on the teams he featured in his art piece.

Darryl's mother explains the painting as well as gives us a look at the family trophy room in this clip:

In that same clip his Mom talks about how much she loves the picture of Darryl smiling.

Interesting Darryl Fact: He smiles:

There's more.
We all know Darryl came from the most prolific hockey family of all-time.

Six Sutter brothers: Brent, Brian, Darryl, Duane, Rich and Ron all played in the NHL.

Four of the brothers, Brian, Duane, Darryl and Brent, went on to become coaches and general managers in the league.

Of course the story doesn't end there. The second generation of the Sutters have also started to make their mark.

But forget those other Sutters, this is about Darryl. Did you know that before Darryl joined his brother Brian in the NHL he first went across the world to play hockey?

Interesting Darryl Fact: He played hockey in Japan:

He explains that story as well as how the Blackhawks were his favourite team growing up in this clip (aprox 5:45):

Once he reached the NHL he became a force with the Blackhawks eventually becoming their captain.

You can see collection of his highlights with the team here (aprox 40 seconds in).

Interesting Darryl Fact: He could score:

The list goes on and on. Like an very interesting person he also has many different interests. For example.

Interesting Darryl Facts: He knows a lot about Bulls and loves good country music

This could be one of the most underrated videos on YouTube. It truly shows an at ease Darryl Sutter enjoying the Kinsella Graveldome Bull-a-Rama....yup, you read that right. It's an interview in which Darryl gets into some bull riding talk and talks about brining the Cup home and enjoying some "good country music".

Darryl gave longer answers in that interview than he has for the entire post season.

Interesting Darryl Fact: He drugged the NHL on TSN crew.

Ok, he was just acting. BUT...

Interesting Darryl fact: he can act.

We know that act will continue for a while still in LA and we look forward to following the coach who we believe is the most interesting man in the world....of hockey.