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The Seattle Sea Lions: The NHL's next team?

Aaron Stern (@TheSternMan24) May. 30, 2014 11:24 AM
Rumors of potential NHL expansion are nothing new to the hockey world as almost every year we hear about a city that is looking at getting an NHL franchise.

The most recent expansion talks have been linked to Seattle. Although the NHL does not seem to have immediate plans to expand to Seattle, there are reports that a major investment group is trying to do just that.

Some are excited about the possibility of a team going to Seattle and have already created the team name and logo for fun. Matthew McElroy and Dylan Alexander have named them "The Seattle Sea Lions" and took a shot at designing the jerseys. Check it out:

You can see all of Matthew and Dylan's designs here.

What do you think about the team name and jerseys? Would you like to see a hockey team in Seattle and what would you call them? Tweet us @BarDown