Jack: Jovetic shines just at the right moment for City

Manchester City know they need to be better. In fact, they promised they would be. The biggest piece of evidence in the case for their improvement this season was witnessed on another rainy Manchester night on Monday in the emergence of Stevan Jovetic. TSN's Kristian Jack has more. ...more

Ferguson: Third Base is the toughest route to Cooperstown

I've always wondered why there are so few third basemen in the Hall of Fame at Cooperstown. In fact there are fewer that played the "Hot Corner" in the Hall than any other position. In total there are 16 men enshrined, but four of them were restricted to playing in the Negro Leagues because of the social injustice of racism and the Colour Barrier. TSN 1050's Scott Ferguson has more. ...more

MacArthur: "Humbled" Santos needs to salvage his season

The numbers five and six should be top of mind for Sergio Santos as he makes his return to the Blue Jays after a month in minor league purgatory. As TSN Blue Jays reporter Scott MacArthur explains, the "five" is in reference to the number of weeks remaining in what, to this point, has been a season gone wrong for Santos. The "six" is the $6-million club option the Blue Jays hold on his services for 2015. ...more

The Reporters extend thumbs to Balotelli, Kovalev and more

Each week, The Reporters put their thumbs out to the good and the bad in the world of sports. This week, they discuss the return of Mario Balotelli to the Premier League, the achievement of Mo'ne Davis, the retirement of J-S Giguere, and Alex Kovalev's controversial comments. ...more

MacArthur: Blue Jays need to believe they're good enough

Mired in a 6-13 August slump and their playoff hopes seemingly dimming by the day, it's easy to see why some on the Toronto Blue Jays might be taking a fatalistic view of the rest of the season. Still, if the team wants to go on another run, it first needs to believe that it can. TSN 1050's Scott MacArthur explains. ...more

Jack: Growing pains for Wenger, Arsenal in draw at Everton

Everton and Arsenal played to a highly entertaining 2-2 draw on Saturday with the Gunners scoring twice in the last six minutes to rescue a point. Here are three key observations Kristian Jack took away from Arsenal's performance. ...more

MacArthur: Time's running out, Jays must dominate homestand

Now would be a good time to start stocking the clubhouses in Baltimore, Detroit, Seattle, New York and Cleveland with extra beer and fried chicken. It will take an Orioles collapse the likes of the 2011 Red Sox for the Blue Jays to win the Division. The wild card scene becomes increasingly complicated the more teams jump between the Jays and the lead dog. TSN Radio 1050's Scott MacArthur has more. ...more

Ferguson: Jays need to go on impressive run to make playoffs

Heading into this weekend's three game set with Tampa Bay, the Blue Jays have 35 games left to play. They have to make up a four game deficit on Detroit for the second Wild Card spot. It will take a historic run to get to the post-season. ...more

Corey Sznajder going to the extreme for new NHL data

It is not uncommon, when debating the merits of players or teams, that a hockey blogger might hear the cliched refrain that they need to "Watch the games!" Well, there is a one-man task force who, with spreadsheets open, has undertaken a project in which he is aiming to watch every single game of the 2013-2014 NHL season. Meet Corey Sznajder. ...more

Wileman: Leiweke's departure could lead to uncertainty for TFC

In a short time at the helm, Tim Leiweke has made a massive impact on Toronto FC and his upcoming departure as president and CEO of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment will likely lead to some uncertainty as to how the club will move forward. TSN soccer analyst Luke Wileman has more. ...more

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