Double Play: Could Bonds be the answer for the Jays? Talent Blog
4/20/2008 8:42:09 PM
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David Carroll -

Okay, so now what?

The Jays handed designated hitter Frank Thomas his walking papers on Sunday.

The Big Hurt said on Saturday that getting benched was an attempt by the Jays to limit his at bats in order to make sure he doesn't get another 304 plate appearances to guarantee a $10-million option for next season.

What comes next for the Blue Jays' is anyone's guess.

Matt Stairs got the start on Saturday and hit the ball well, 2-3 with a walk and one rocket to right that Carlos Guillen was able to grab. Stairs is a productive hitter, always has been and he might be the answer to the Jays offensive woes.

Toronto cut Thomas before there was a chance that his benching would become a distraction for the club.

The Jays move prompted this exchange with the other half of Double Play's writing team.

Daan De Kerpel - "Hear about Frank Thomas? I got two words for you Barry Bonds." 

Okay, that's not exactly what he said but you get the idea.

Daan, known as Double-A in the TSN newsroom, had some solid points on how Bonds could fit with the Jays. Bonds would add pop to a line-up in need of runs, add a lefty bat in the middle of the order and his last reason was simply 'why not.'

I will admit it's an interesting proposition but there are questions, lots of questions.

Double and I debated the move, possible or not, for a while and were split at the end. I just don't think with all the media scrutiny on him and the circus Bonds would bring to the clubhouse would add up to more wins. Also, for a team with a good young core of players, his presence might do more harm than good.

Bonds is out there. When healthy he is still a force and the Jays might need some DH help, so in theory it could work. The move put into reality is the troubling part. 

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