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McKenzie: Lockout means powerful forwards for Canada

Hockey Canada's dream team - or at least the one that will be assembled if all the best players are made available - starts with a star-studded first forward line of Jonathan Huberdeau, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Mark Scheifele. TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie has more. ...more

McKenzie: Canada's Junior blueline remains a big strength

Hockey Canada is obviously disappointed that Ryan Murray won't be available for the 2013 World Junior Hockey Championship because of his shoulder injury, but no one is about to feel sorry for Team Canada. Canada's blue line prospects - if all players are made available - remain strong and deep. TSN Insider Bob McKenzie has more. ...more

McKenzie: Three CBA-related issues to be talked about soon

TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie looks at three CBA-related things we're likely to be dealing with or talking about in the not-too-distant future, including cancellation of more games, shrinking 'Make Whole' dollars and decertification. ...more

McKenzie: On Day 57, do you know where your CBA is?

It's Day 57 of the NHL lockout, do you know where your CBA is? As TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie writes, the mere fact that the NHL and NHLPA are back at the table so soon after Friday night's breakup brouhaha perhaps speaks to the realization on both sides that they can't allow this thing to go into a deep freeze. ...more

McKenzie: NHL proposal wasn't met with great enthusiasm

The first official NHLPA reaction to the NHL offer is in -- NHLPA executive director Don Fehr sent a letter to all players and agents last night -- and not unexpectedly the league's proposal wasn't met with great enthusiasm. TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie has more. ...more

McKenzie: Jeopardy! The NHL Labour Strife Edition

When it comes to the NHL lockout, Bob McKenzie has many conflicting thoughts and like most of you, does not understand how this season could possibly be in peril. But as TSN's Hockey Insider writes, the dynamics of this dispute strike him as bad - really bad - and may only get worse. ...more

McKenzie: NHL lockout has upside for Canada's junior team

If there's a silver lining to the NHL lockout, it's that a prolonged shutdown historically results in the already tremendous world junior championship being even better than usual - especially for Canadian hockey fans. TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie has more. ...more

Fear, loathing and 'I can't believe we're doing this again'

TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie spent the better part of his first week back from vacation trying to get a handle on the NHL-NHL Players' Association labor negotiations, or lack thereof, and in the immortal words of Roberto Duran, he says, "No mas." ...more

McKenzie: A number of reasons why Schultz chose the Oilers

From the time Justin Schultz opted to make himself an unrestricted free agent and not sign with Anaheim, the team that drafted him, the Edmonton Oilers were always considered a prime potential landing spot. ...more

McKenzie: Oilers convinced Krueger will bring change

When the Edmonton Oilers opted to not bring back Tom Renney as head coach, it was thought the team was looking for a significant culture change. But as TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie writes, the Oilers are convinced Ralph Krueger in the pilot's seat will be different enough than Krueger in the co-pilot's chair. ...more

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