Naylor: Signs point to Austin as new Ticats GM/Coach

Many people around the Canadian Football League are convinced it's only a matter of days until Kent Austin is announced as the Hamilton Tiger-Cats new head coach and general manager. TSN's Dave Naylor has more. ...more

Naylor: Argos hope Grey Cup game eases challenges ahead

The biggest challenge the Toronto Argonauts face is that a whole generation of fans has grown up without them being top-of-mind. And that generation is now raising another generation which presumably thinks the same way. That said, TSN's Dave Naylor writes that the Argonauts very much needed to be in this 100th Grey Cup. ...more

Naylor: Jays' blockbuster deal significant in Toronto market

Perception, they say, is everything. Which is why - as TSN's Dave Naylor writes - this week's blockbuster deal between the Toronto Blue Jays and Miami Marlins is so significant in a Toronto market where skepticism has been growing like weeds. ...more

Naylor: OHL has fighting rule in effect...will NHL follow?

Just five weeks into the 2012-13 season, the Ontario Hockey League's new rule suspending players who exceed 10 fights in a season has had a dramatic influence on the numbers of fights across the league. And as TSN's Dave Naylor writes, what reason there is for other leagues - including the NHL - not to follow suit? ...more

Naylor: The importance of having seasoned backup QBs

Only Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Hamilton entered this CFL season with backup quarterbacks who have any significant degree of starting experience. And as TSN Football Insider Dave Naylor writes, that's an important asset to have with a third of the regular season left to play. ...more

Naylor: What's happened to the Edmonton Eskimos lately?

Three weeks ago, the Edmonton Eskimos were 5-3, vying for first place in the CFL's West Division. But the Esks are now 5-6 for the season with B.C. and Calgary - the league's two hottest teams right now - ahead on their schedule. TSN Football Insider Dave Naylor offers a little perspective on the Eskimos' recent freefall. ...more

Naylor: Key to ending lockout is helping small market teams

In 2004, the NHL lockout was about owners trying to institute a salary cap. This time, it's all about how the owners and players should split up the league's swelling revenues. But as TSN's Dave Naylor writes, the most important dynamic in the economics of hockey remains the same - the enormous disparity between the NHL's wealthiest teams and its not-so-wealthy. ...more

Naylor: Measuring up Bettman and Fehr in CBA showdown

Of all the sports labour showdowns, there has never been a matchup of leadership quite like this one. At one end, there's Gary Bettman - nearly 20 years as commissioner of the NHL. At the other end is Donald Fehr, who led a very powerful union in baseball. TSN's Dave Naylor sizes them up. ...more

Naylor: A different story for Ticats and Bombers this season

Last November, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Winnipeg Blue Bombers met in the East Division Final, a game that marked a high point for both clubs in a few regards. But as TSN Football Insider Dave Naylor writes, it's a much different story for both teams in the backstretch of the 2012 season. ...more

Naylor: The Weekend Wrap and a look ahead at Week 3

There is no perfect design for hiring a head coach in professional football. But it's fair to assume that more than a few eyebrows were raised when the Saskatchewan Roughriders made Corey Chamblin the youngest head coach in the CFL in 29 years. Yet Chamblin brings a wealth of experience and in many ways has the classic background of a coach. ...more

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