Armstrong: Five quick thoughts from a busy NBA summer

Jack Armstrong
7/13/2012 2:22:42 PM
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FIVE QUICK NBA THOUGHTS: As we head into the weekend, here are a few quick NBA Thoughts. Hope all of you have a safe, peaceful and enjoyable summer! Look forward to chatting more NBA hoops with you down the road. All the BEST!

1. DARYL MOREY (Rockets GM): Boy, talk about daring and bold! This guy is blowing it up and more than willing to put everything on the line to get Dwight Howard. I'll tell ya what, so often GM's in pro sports are criticized for being too conservative/timid - this guy is far from that. If he gets Howard, good luck trying to convince him to stay in Houston - seems like Howard's got his sights set on the bright lights of Broadway or Hollywood. Who knows what will happen but you gotta love the guts (craziness?) that Morey is showing.

2. LUIS SCOLA (Rockets): If this guy hits the market as an amnesty player - watch out. Love his old-fashioned game. Very tough and rugged. Consistent performer who can be a very steady/productive third guy for you. He and Elton Brand will be highly sought after at the right price considering they're getting their big money from the teams who are buying them out.

3. JOSE CALDERON (Raptors): I said it the other day when I was chatting about Kyle Lowry and I'll say it again - I can't see how the two of them can co-exist in the Raptors back court. Both are very good players and proud men and totally believe they should start and play the majority of minutes. Don't let the 'nice guy persona' of Jose fool you - he's a competitive guy and plays for keeps - just ask T.J. Ford, Jarrett Jack and Jerryd Bayless, all teammates of his who couldn't win out in the point guard competition. Jose has been a good player for the Raptors and hopefully with Lowry being the future at that position, a deal can be worked out that makes sense for the Raptors and Jose that rectifies the situation.

4. BLAKE GRIFFIN (Clippers): What do you think the first thing Griffin thought of when he hurt his knee the other day? I guarantee you it was "Thank ****goodness I signed that long term/guaranteed deal with the Clippers before I laid it on the line for Team USA." I'm sure every owner and GM in the league with someone in the Olympics was like "Oh Great, I've got to live on pins and needles this summer worrying about my guy/major investment." Not fun. Pros in the Olympics - it's not going to change anytime soon. The level of tolerance the owners/GM's have for it - that's another story altogether.

5. KOBE BRYANT (Lakers): I love ya - you're a wonderful Hall of Fame Player. But Cmon, be real. The idea of beating the 1992 USA Dream Team with the crew you have now on Team USA - I don't buy it. Now, if you played those guys in their current late 40's/early 50's age/condition, yes, I'll give you that. You'd crush them. Both groups in their prime? I'm going with the 1992 Team every time. Gotta be kidding me.

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