Cybulski: Velasquez faces difficult challenge against Lesnar

James Cybulski
10/22/2010 6:28:56 PM
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Well, this should be a fun little fight weekend won't it? UFC 121 is one of the better stacked cards in awhile with the big one being Brock Lesnar defending his heavyweight title against Cain Velasquez. I'm not sure if this is a more anticipated fight than Lesnar/Carwin from back in July, but the excitement for this one shows you just how deep and how good the heavyweight division is.

Here's my sense of the main event. When I was in California earlier this week, I heard a lot of MMA experts picking Velasquez to conquer the Brockness Monster. People point to Cain's superior striking, conditioning and speed.

I just don't see it. For starters, heavyweight title fights aren't going 5 rounds for 25 minutes. Not possible. When was the last one? And against Lesnar? A 264 pound body leaning on a guy 20 pounds lighter? No way.

Their wrestling skills are a wash. Both are olympic caliber grapplers with their backgrounds. So let's look at striking. Shane Carwin is the heaviest hitter in the sport. He had Lesnar pinned down for a good 3 minutes and couldn't finish Lesnar off. Sure, point to Carwin's shortcomings in the cardio department, but the hardest hitter in the UFC tee'd off on the champ and couldn't finish him. Lesnar can apparently take a punch. Please don't tell me Velasquez is a harder hitter than Shane Carwin. Quicker yes, but not harder.

They say Cain is much faster than Brock. In a race perhaps, but have you seen Lesnar move? He's a freak! At some point those guys are going to have to tangle and size usually wins out on the mat. When it comes down to it, the champ retains. Too big, too strong.

I'm jacked for this fight, but Lesnar wins by stoppage in round 3. Fear the beard.

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