Cybulski: Seguin talks about being a champion at age 19

James Cybulski
7/22/2011 1:03:13 PM
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Boston Bruins forward Tyler Seguin talks about winning the Stanley Cup, the Bruins chances of a repeat and his golf game.

James Cybulski: Has it kind of set in? I mean here you are, you're still 19 years old and you're a Stanley Cup champion.

Tyler Seguin: Ya really, I couldn't tell you if it has settled in or not, it's definitely going to hit me when I get the chance to have the Cup in my home town with my family and friends. I think that will be kind of the point when it'll hit me where I realize that our team just won the Stanley Cup.

JC: It took a little while for you to get your opportunity in the post season but boy-oh-boy to get an opportunity like you did and it came late in the conference finals against Tampa and you had the ultimate coming out party with all those snipes and just going absolutely ruthless - how good did it feel to be able to make an impact like that in the postseason?

TS: Of course it felt good, it wasn't feeling good sitting up top waiting for one of your teammates to get hurt for you to get an opportunity to play - that was not the feeling I wanted but I wanted to stay focused and stay ready in case I got the call and I wanted to be able to step in right away and make an impact to help our team win.

JC: How do you do that when you're sitting for a month or two?

TS: You got to stay tough upstairs in your head and try to keep your confidence up and just really work hard in practice - I feel I worked harder when I wasn't in the lineup than when I was. You work hard, you practice, you work out, so I decided to stay focused with that.

JC: What's it like as a Brampton kid being a Stanley Cup champ for the Boston Bruins and being forever linked with that trade with the Toronto Maple Leafs in that Phil Kessel deal? Do all your buddies chirp you about that?

TS: They chirp me about it, lots of Toronto fans around here - they chirp me about the Phil Kessel trade but everyone's real happy we got the Cup this year and can share it with all of them.

JC: Have you heard from any Leaf fans going, "man you're making this trade even harder for us."

TS: I think I've read a few things (laughs) and obviously with the draft this year and us getting Dougie Hamilton and that still being part of the Leaf trade, so, I think it's all over now though.

JC: You get the Stanley Cup July 31st. What are you going to do?

TS: Got to finalize all that this week, right now looks like I'm going to do something in Brampton, the mayor called and wants to do something around the town, from there I'll probably do something at Westwood Arena because I played Greater Toronto Hockey League there, then hopefully have a chance to stop off at a hospital and then have a pig roast with my family and my close friends.

JC: What's that going to mean bringing the Stanley Cup to the rink where you grew up playing minor hockey?

TS: It's going to be nice, I haven't been there actually since - I don't even know, may have been before the OHL. It's going to be nice there and hopefully a lot fans and young hockey players will come out and see the Stanley Cup.

JC: You've already lost some key elements from free agency: Mark Recchi retired, Michael Ryder has signed on in Dallas and you also lost Tomas Kaberle who has signed with Carolina. Do you guys still feel you have enough of a core to repeat despite losing some key veterans?

TS: I definitely think repeating will be harder to do; everyone's starting to get prepared for next year, definitely that group of guys we had last year, it was something I never experienced before. Everyone was just so close and I think that's a part on why we won and I'm definitely going to miss those two guys who've gone to other teams but I hope they have the best careers.

JC: How's your golf game these days?

TS: I've gone out a few times, usually it can range from an 80-90.

JC: Do you take your game seriously or are you the guy who has a six-pack in the bag?

TS: I guess I can say I have a six-pack in the bag because I'm 19 in Canada right?

JC: Isn't it easier being 19 in Ontario than in Boston, Massachusetts?

TS: Ya, you could say that.

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