Cybulski: Two reasons why Marquez lost to Pacquiao

If Juan Manuel Marquez and Manny Pacquiao were two normal fighters, duking it out on a small undercard, Marquez would've walked out the winner Saturday night. The 38-year-old far and away landed more impactful punches and seemed to have an answer to almost every one of Pac-Man's offensives. But it wasn't enough for two reasons. James Cybulski of TSN Radio 1050 has more. ...more

Cybulski: Seguin talks about being a champion at age 19

Tyler Seguin of the Boston Bruins talks one-on-one about his great playoff run, his summer plans, his golf game, and what it's like to be a Stanley Cup champion at the age of 19. ...more

Cybulski: A little bit of everything left in March Madness

The Sweet 16 has a perfect blend of everything: cinderellas, heavyweights, stars and of course, Butler. There are two 11 seeds, VCU and Marquette, along with the feel-good story of this year's tournament, Richmond. ...more

Cybulski: Gleason tells his side of the Kulemin incident

Earlier Tuesday I spoke to Carolina Hurricanes defenceman Tim Gleason to get his perspective on the now-famous punch on Toronto Maple Leafs forward Nikolai Kulemin. He says he knew that it was Kulemin coming at him at the end of the first period during Carolina's 6-4 victory on Monday night. ...more

Cybulski: A treat seeing former Raps coach Sam Mitchell again

The first time I met Sam Mitchell was the day it became public that Vince Carter wanted out of Toronto. Well, he's now an assistant with the Nets, and on Friday he finally passed through Toronto for the first time since being turfed by the Raps two years ago. Seeing and speaking to him, it was almost like he had gone through an extreme makeover. ...more

Cybulski: Mother Nature part of Canadian sporting experience

Memo to our good friends south of the border: contrary to what may be perceived, Toronto is NOT Hoth. You know Hoth, that freezing planet where Tauntauns roamed and Luke Skywalker nearly froze to death? It seems that for whatever reason, one of North America's largest markets is continually treated that way. ...more

Cybulski: Velasquez faces difficult challenge against Lesnar

UFC 121 is one of the better stacked cards in awhile with the big one being Brock Lesnar defending his heavyweight title against Cain Velasquez. I'm not sure if this is a more anticipated fight than Lesnar/Carwin from back in July, but the excitement for this one shows you just how deep and how good the heavyweight division is. ...more

Cybulski: Yankees give Steinbrenner his due

You know it's a big night when a game being played in late September that could decide the American League East pennant takes a back seat. When the New York Yankees have a celebration, they do it in style. They do it much in the same way the Montreal Canadiens throw a party. ...more

Cybulski: Burke has the Leafs on the right track

I'm not saying the Toronto Maple Leafs are Stanley Cup winners this year, but suddenly this franchise has hope once again. A franchise defenceman and sniper acquired in the last year, during a time when general managers are reluctant to make trades is impressive. ...more

Cybulski: Nine years later, reflections on the impact of 9/11

The world around us changed significantly after what happened on 9/11. A lot of our innocence was lost after that day. For those of us in the sporting world, we need only look at any point that we walk into an arena or stadium on a game day; security checks for both fans and media. ...more

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