Onrait's fourth annual TRADECENTRE blog

Jay Onrait
3/4/2009 6:10:52 PM
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Welcome to my fourth annual TRADECENTRE BLOG! This page features my last report of a very busy day. Follow the links to read the whole thing!

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5:34 - Duthie is back reminding us that there's less than a half hour of coverage left. So tired... so... so tired...

5:38 - Bob McKenzie: "... there's every reason to believe Chris Pronger will be traded in the off-season..."

5:39 - Darren Dreger: "... we didn't talk much about Martin St.Louis and what might happen there (in the off-season)... the Colorado Avalanche didn't do much in terms of dropping salary... lots of speculation they will need to do that this summer..."

5:40 - Darryl Sutter is on the line with James Duthie and we have an actual picture of Darryl Sutter and not a picture of a telephone. This show keeps getting better and better.  "I think Jay (Feaster) would give me strong orders to add a big centre to try and win a Stanley Cup"

On Jokinen:

"... my brother Duane had been with him in Florida...he works for us now... I took his advice on it... to be honest Mike (Keenan) didn't know we were talking about it until last night" Sort of a telling statement about how things work in Calgary if there was ever any speculation about who runs the show there. 

Kaitlin from the University of Regina e-mails:

"Hey Jay I'm just wondering if you and O'Toole have played 'knit a touque' yet?"

No but O'Toole plays "shovel the driveway" every time his wife tells him to. Every ... time...

Jeff Sehl from Caledon, ON (home of Sportscentre Morning Loop Producer "Tim") wonders:

"Have you and Dan ever had an Anchorman-like brawl with members of other news shows?"

The answer is yes and unfortunately for Jay Engram at "Daily Planet" it did not end well.

5:58 - This thing is almost over... Duthie is back ... "Just a couple minutes left... "

Erik Cole speaks to the media... says the trade back to Carolina: "Was a little surprising... I'm a little disappointed things didn't work out in Edmonton... should be a pretty easy transition back to Carolina..."

Either he's a brilliant actor, or he's genuinely sad about this. Weird. I kind of assumed he would be very happy about this.


Read the whole blog!

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