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Jay Onrait
3/4/2009 11:12:04 AM
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Welcome to my fourth annual TRADECENTRE BLOG, Page 2!

Email Jay!

Pierre calls Filip Kuba: "... a turnover machine in the neutral zone..." High Praise!

Keith Jones: "... it tells you they didn't get a significant offer for (Kuba)... "

Mike Duggan from Mt.Peal, NL writes:

"Instead of the million dollar shot from centre ice, TSN should have a competitiong for some lucky fan to spend the day on the couch with you for trade deadline day... or a chance to put O'Toole in the Camel Clutch" Both great suggestions. I really could use someone to get my coffee.

Bob McKenzie breaks our first deal of the day:

"Ottawa Senators are going to send Antoine Vermette to the Columbus Blue Jackets for netminder Pascal Leclaire" I love this deal for Ottawa and it's been rumoured for several days. 

Dreger: "Scott Howson (Blue Jackets GM) is just getting started"

Keith Jones: "... this is a guy who lost his job in Columbus let's not get too carried away"

James Duthie clarifies: "... Ottawa also gets a 2nd round pick"

Keith Jones: " that's a good trade!"

James Dumas wonders:

"Is Burrows for 2 mil for the next 4 years the best signing of the year?"

It's right up there that's for sure. I can't figure out how Dominic Moore thinks he's worth more than 2 million a year while Burrows takes 2 million and last night scored his 17th and 18th goals of the year. Who would you rather have on your team at that price? Burrows or Moore?

Gianni Casagrande writes:

"It would be funny if O'Toole showed up at your place today to bring you croissants or lunch or something for tradecentre"

It would be funny Gianni, but O'Toole would have to actually wake up first. I don't see that happening.

10:03 - Duthie is back! And now he is speaking to Atlanta Thrashers GM Don Waddell on the phone. No chance he deals Ron Hainsey he says. He seems a little more open to the possibility to trading Kari Lehtonen who has been rumoured to be traded for weeks. Waddell says he's been fielding a lot of calls.

Cory Woron e-mails to say talks have officially broken down between the Leafs and Dominic Moore and they plan on trading him, it probably had something to do my assessment of him in this blog.

Duthie asks Waddell if he would trade Ilya Kovalchuk: "Not a chance"

Gord Miller asks Bob McKenzie: "What do you have for us?" Bob: "Nothing"  Ha!

Dreger: "... Sources at HSBC Arena say Tim Connolly has left. The morning skate is at 10:30" Hmmm. The Sabres have a 2-year offer on the table for Connolly.

Keep the e-mails coming I will get to as many of them as I can... I love the fact that so many of you are reading this blog at work.

James Walker sends me an e-mail with the subject heading: Liars!

"So you guys announce Vermette for Leclaire and a 2nd round pick. This comes through at about 9:55 but what does the tradetracker say? 9:22! Trying to pad your stats maybe? Who do you think you are Ricky Davis?"

Will Blake is upping the ante:

"If you're taking bids on the Gino Reda mug, I'll give you $10" Wow. Maybe I could make some serious money on this thing.

Scott Langford asks:

"Where did you get the TradeCentre shirt?" TSN gave it to me. It's an American Apparel t-shirt! Thankfully it's not one of those v-neck American Apparel t-shirts that all the hipsters wear. Bad enough everyone had to see my face in the morning, seeing my forest of thick chest hair would induce vomiting across the nation

Darren Dreger: "... negotiations are still very much alive with Tim Connolly and the Sabres"

Dutchy is back and Pierre has wandered over to join him. This will surely bring in a ton of "Pierre is standing way too close to Dutchy" e-mails. We all need to accept the fact that Pierre is a close talker.

TJ Karwandy wonders:

"What do you eat on deadline day to keep you in top blogging form?"

I am about to grab a bagel. To be honest the Raisin Bran was just a prop. I don't have ... uh... "time" to eat bran right now. Uh... sorry... trying to keep this blog as family friendly as possible

Nick asks a question I have to admit was also on my mind:

"Why are you guys using a picture of a telephone when talking to Cory Woron? Is it too much to ask for a picture of Cory Woron? With all that being said, it's a pretty good looking phone you guys have"

That's true. It was a good looking phone.

All of you e-mailers who were wondering "Where the ladies at?"  You're in luck... here's Sara Orlesky from Buffalo!

Sara: "... it's pretty quiet here right now... a lot of buzz about the fact that Tim Connolly had exited... according to Sabres P.R.... it's because it's an optional practice... Bob Gainey needs a big centre (to replace Robert Lang)... currently the Habs very quiet in Buffalo"  So... to sum up... things are quiet.

Chris Galambos writes from Ganaoque, On:

"I'm gonna get a tattoo of you fighting a bear with an Uzi on my back"

That's a great choice. Remember when all the girls in your high school were getting dolphin tattoos on their ankles?

"Onrait fighting a bear with an Uzi" is the new "Dolphin on the ankle" Don't be the last to get on board with this one kids.

Brody Mark writes:

"More than 15 years ago, Reda asked me for some of my BBQ Spitz and I obliged. Do you think the bag (which I still have) would go for lots on ebay?" You still have the bag? That's... great. And yes, that would go for a lot on ebay. Is it time we created an ebay page of all Gino Reda items? I think so.

Jordan Gray wonders:

"So Jay, when are we going to get the pleasure of you having a live Webcam feed on deadline day?"

I don't know if that's such a good idea. I just took off my TSN boxers shorts. They were chafing.

James Duthie is now speaking via telephone to the newest Ottawa Senator Pascal Leclaire. James: "Were you shocked about the trade?" Leclaire: "I learned it from you guys! I was watching on my computer!" He seems very happy to be going to Ottawa. By the way we have an actual picture of Pascal Lecaire and not a picture of a telephone for this interview.

Greg Thompson with breaking news:

"Several media outlets are reporting that your blog is in jeopardy, due to you going down with an "upper body" injury. Can you confirm or deny this rumour?"

It's a lower body injury (the chafing)

Pierre McGuire on Pascal Leclaire: "... best goalie Ottawa's had since they came back into the league... " Discuss.

10:32 - James Duthie now on the phone with Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke: Duthie: Talks with Moore have broken down... Do you expect Dominic Moore to move today?

"Yes" says Burke.

Pierre is howling with laughter in the background.

Burke: "... realism has very little to do with what we ask for at this time of the year" as he admits that he's not likely to get a 1st round pick for Nik Antropov.

Duthie asks who else is in play and Burke has to stop himself from swearing at him. These guys love each other.

Burke: ".. I think you'll still see plenty of deals today" But he doesn't see multiple-player deals happening as much this year because of cap concerns.

McGuire: ".... finally there's someone in charge (in Toronto).. they're not letting empty suits run the team"

The biggest story of TradeCentre '09: The Gino Reda Mug is a hotter commodity than any player out there. Ryan Downey writes:

"I bid 20 dollars on the Gino mug. But you need to draw the old school mustache on" Hey Ryan.. the picture on the mug features old school Gino! He's already got the 'stache baby!

Oh here's another shot of me blogging at my place. And there's the Dan O'Toole mug! Yes that's right I also have a Dan O'Toole mug. Where shall we open the bidding for that one?

Devon Plantana wonders:

"What is O'Toole doing today?"  My guess? Sleeping. His wife is working and his baby daughter is probably running out onto the street. The man is a menace.

TSN Ottawa Bureau Chief Brent Wallace says Antoine Vermettte found out about his trade to Columbus while he was on the trainer's table.

Gord Miller and Darren Dreger check in:

Dreger: "Tim Connolly has agreed to a 2-year deal at $4.5 million dollars a season. About 90 minutes ago they settled."

Miller: "Suddenly Olli Jokinen's stock begins to go up in Phoenix"

Jay Feaster: "... that's a lot of money for a guy with injury issues" Barnaby also thinks it's a lot of money but likes the term. Feaster also likes the 2-year term.  Laviolette: "As coaches we don't care about the money!"

Nathan Stewart wonders:

"If you're blogging until 6 p.m, you must have a comfortable chair. Did TSN spring for a nice comfy one for you?"

HA HA HA! TSN springing for a chair for me! HA HA HA! Oh... Nathan... so young... so naive.

Stephen Hayne writes:

"How did you physically prepare for 10 hours of blogging? You must be in peak physical condition"

Of course. Isn't it obvious? If you drink 2 Grolsch beers every day after work you can look like me too. I would have gone shirtless under the robe but I didn't want to intimidate anyone.

Big news from Marcus Fougere of Moncton, N.B:

"$75 bucks for the mug and the photo in the background. To sweeten the deal anytime you come to Moncton you can use my Sportchek discount"

That is a pretty good deal. I could use some new hockey gloves. Let's see if we can keep this bidding going. I will donate the winning bidder's money to a charity of Gino's choice.... no... the Human Fund doesn't count.

Scott Nowoselski writes in from Canada's greatest university:

"I'm sitting here in journalism class at Ryerson reading your blog and I'm wondering what does a successful journalist eat for breakfast before a busy day of watching TV?"

I don't know Scott... ask a journalist...I'm sure Christie Blatchford is home watching TV as we speak.

I'm getting lots of e-mails from students across the country reading this while attending class. It makes me very happy to know I am ruining the education of so many young people in this nation.

Nate Forster asks:

"What's your take on Brian Burke? Like or dislike and why?"

Did you even have to ask? That guy should be the commish! He's the best!

Plenty of Americans e-mailing and following along on the blog:

"Now if you all would get rid of that annoying 'Sorry this video can't be shown outsie of Canada' error on the videos. Come on NAFTA!" I agree. That's what I get whenever I try to watch something on What a bunch of crap. Get it together Harper. What were you talking to Obama about two-weeks ago?

Jeff Despres from Fredericton, N.B points out this fact:

"Clearly Pierre has forgotten about legendary Senators goalie Peter Sidorkiewicz! I mean, he made an All-star team!"

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