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Jay Onrait
3/4/2009 1:36:10 PM
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Welcome to my fourth annual TRADECENTRE BLOG, Page 3!

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I think maybe the Gino Reda mug bidding has gone too far:

"My first born child for the Gino Reda mug" - Alexandre Boucher

11:07 - Duthie is back! "Things are percolating" I thought it was my coffee... would love to see some more trades... let's get back to the e-mails in the meantime...

Adam Forman says:

"You and O'Toole should join the Tradebreaker panel. What would be a better way to break a trade than tossing confetti everywhere?"

Dave Starzomski from Saint John, N.B. asks the question of the day:

"Where IS Gino? Surely 27 people in the studio isn't enough"

Gino is preparing for Molson That's Hockey which is coming your way tonight at 7:00 EST on TSN. Maybe we can get him to sign this 8 X 10 picture to bring in more $$$ for charity.

Matt Wright wonders:

"Who do you think is more overpaid? Dominic Moore or Dan O'Toole?"

O'Toole is paid in cans of Beaver Buzz energy drink so it's probably Moore.

11:13 - If you were wondering what was happening on the actual TradeCentre SHOW... Keith Jones, Darren Pang and Pierre McGuire are discussing Chris Osgood's struggles and saying that it's unlikely Wings GM Ken Holland tries to trade for a goalie.

Panger aka "Pale Rider": "Washington Capitals could use a goaltender... at least a good solid backup"

Pierre: "... there's a little concern around the Washington Capitals right now that some of their players have become a little too cool for school..."

11:15 - Time for Duthie to check in with Ray Ferraro:

On Connolly: "... I think it's a great signing..."

When TSN broke the signing Ferraro said all the Sabres players watching on TSN: "Cheered"

Peter Morrisson writes in and suggests:

"CTV should inquire about the rights to CBC's Rex Murphy" Throw in the remaining cast of "Beachcombers" and I'll consider it.

Brad Flindall has a good suggestion:

"I think you could package the Gino Reda mug for O'Toole and make the trade for Brian Austin Green" Throw in Ian Ziering and I'll consider it.

Ryan McLean with a horrifying update:

" hi-def, you could see your eye boogers"

As Opus the Penguins once said in "Bloom County"... Eye boogers are the great social equalizer and the Pope gets them too

Some youngster named Corey O'Handley writes:

"Next year have Tradecentre on the robe, who wears a t-shirt under a robe?"

Listen Corey, if that is your real name, if I could describe my chest hair to you I would use the words "Meaty" and "Selleck-esque"... no one, and I mean no one, wants to see that. The t-shirt stays

11:24 - Ryan Rishaug joins us from Edmonton and says that the Edmonton Oilers are buyers, not sellers. He mentions that Erik Cole will only be moved to upgrade the talent level on the team and not for "futures or draft picks"

11:25 - We join Bob McKenzie and he is just putting his microphone on... "the Calgary Flames and Phoenix Coyotes are in detailed negotiations that would see Olli Jokinen go to Calgary... is it a done deal no... do I think it's going to happen... yeah I think I do..."

So it looks like Jokinen is going to Calgary. Darren Dreger points out that another team may have to be involved because of cap issues.

Pale Rider aka Darren Pang thinks Jokinen is a good fit for the Flames because Mike Keenan turned Jokinen's career around in Florida.

 Hard to believe that Keenan has turned into the kind of coach that turns players careers around! By the way I think Mike Keenan has done a pretty good job in Calgary this year.

Brock Murphy asks:

"What do you take in your coffee?"

The answer: the same thing A-Rod takes... Steroids and Whiskey

11:30 - James Duthie now on the phone with Antoine Vermette.

Vermette: "... you grew up with this organization... I always like Ottawa... that's the downside of it... that's the way it is... "

Brad Warner from Brock University wonders:

"Are you on the payroll today for this or are you like my roomate beside me who feels the need to waste his day blogging?"

I am ALWAYS on the payroll (this network OWNS me) and I don't consider blogging a "waste of a day"... This is the hardest I work all year... by far...

Jeff Justiz of Toronto echoes many readers' fears:

"I'm looking forward to the TSN bobbleheads, but if you let Bob McKenzie's head freely bob in anyone's house, they're gonna need disaster insurance"

Oh they just went to the live cam in my house! So all of you who were watching finally got to see my TSN boxer shorts. I'm sure for a lot of you your eyes are burning...  as for the ladies... you're welcome...

11:39 - Bob's head freely bobs into Dutchy's Sportscentre update to break a trade: "Jordan Leopold back to the Calgary Flames for Lawrence Nycolat, a prospect and a draft pick"

11:41 - Pierre: "... he's a very good and important player..."

Keith Jones: "... Leopold failed in Colorado... " Leopold is an unrestricted free agent at the end of the year.

11:42 - Leopold is now on the phone: "I'm excited.... Darryl Sutter is a black and white guy... I'm sure Mike is too... It's nice to go back to a familiar place... my wife and I just had a baby a few weeks ago... it's complicated... "

11:44 - Pierre and Dutchy together again ... Pierre is yelling at the camera: "Stop falling in love with names and statistics! Start watching games and players!" I can't understand who he's yelling at but I love it. Pierre says Jordan Leopold is a better player than Derek Morris and it shouldn't be a surprise that Leopold got traded first.

Pierre: "I would be shocked" ... if Kevin Bieksa got traded from Vancovuer.... me too... why would you trade that guy?

3 hours and 13 minutes left until the deadline according to our good friend James Duthie.

James Pepin wonders:

"Did the TSN makeup people stop by your house this morning?"

Uh... did you see me on the broadcast today? Obviously not. Put it this way: I look like the guy from "Monk" without makeup.

"Do you own a Snuggie yet?"

We're working on a Tradecentre Snuggie for next year.

11:50 - Gord has the details on the Leopold deal: Leopold to the Flames for a 2nd rounder, Ryan Wilson (prospect) and defenceman Lawrence Nycolat.

11:52 - James Duthie is talking to TSN Calgary Bureau Chief Jermain Franklin and once again, instead of a picture of the actual reporter... we're showing a picture of a telephone. Unintentional Comedy at its finest.

Brendan Louth makes a disturbing bid:

"...I'll throw down $20 for your TSN boxers"

Uh... thanks? Are you sure I shouldn't pay you to take them?

Josh Murray wonders:

"Does Pierre McGuire have a cliche of the day calendar on his blackberry?"

Lots of Pierre McGuire e-mails. Everyone seems to be very entertained by Pierre's energy, close-talking and inability to turn his own microphone on.
Pierre is loved by this nation in general.

Speaking of Pierre, he's calling out the Edmonton Oilers! "I didn't say they have the best young team in hockey they did... I didn't rush Sam Gagner into the NHL... Brian Burke was right about the Penner contract..."

Daniel Bauer makes a good point:

"Next year, the blog should be from Dreger's sqaulid RV"

In case you didn't get that joke... for the past few weeks on the Sportscentre Morning Loop Dan O'Toole and I have been talking about the fact that Darren Dreger has been living in a broken down motorhome in the TSN parking lot in preparation for Tradecentre. It's closer to the truth than we'd like to admit.

12:02 - Gord Miller joins us with a "small deal"... "The Phoenix Coyotes have traded Michael Tellqvist to the Buffalo Sabres..."

"Negotiations going on with the Senators and Chris Neil this hour"

Bob McKenzie: "Toronto claims Marty Gerber and Eric Reitz on waivers"

"Brendan Morrison goes from Anaheim to Dallas on waivers"

"Brendan Bell, Miro Satan and Gary Roberts clear waivers"

Darren Dreger points out that it appears that the Leafs are likely to shut down Vesa Toskala for the season.

Kristi Hill of Etobicoke, ON asks the question that all the ladies are asking:

"Why did I have to wait nearly 3 hours for John Lu to grace my television screen?"

Matt Stroud in Mirimachi, N.B. wonders:

"Is the O'Toole mug comically undersized?"

James Cybulski asked Michael Nylander: "Have you been asked to waive your no-trade clause?" Nylander said: "I can't answer that"

Keith Jones: "Michael Nylander was the best non-signing in Edmonton Oiler history!"

Courtney Gannon of Ottawa writes:

"If Duthie was the TSN equivalent of the Bachelor, who would he give his final rose to? Torts or Burke?"

It's a tough call but I think at this point it's Torts because Duthie loves the way Torts played hard to get throughout his time at TSN.

I will also say that A LOT of e-mails are coming in with bids for Gino's mug, and probably just as many or more are coming in with people asking me to pay them to take the Dan O'Toole mug. This can't be a surpise to anyone.

Bradley Matthews adds this:

"I'd bid on a Jennifer Hedger mug. Have one of those?" I don't. Maybe we can get one for next year.

Ryan Bisram wonders:

"Why is Michael Farber wearing so much lipstick?"

I don't ask other men about their makeup.

Chad Mitchell wonders:

"What is your game plan for lunch?" No lunch. No stopping. I'm eating bagels while typing and wearing my adult diaper. This is why we don't have a live Webcam.

12:18 - James Duthie is chatting with Barnaby, Laviolette and Feaster in the "War Room" (which is in the same room as the other desks but let's not argue about the details)

Tim Naft gets in another O'Toole height joke:

"...I'm surprised O'Toole has a coffee mug. I would have expected it to be more of an espresso cup"

Mike P. needs someone to hug him:

"Jay is this a 'Deadline Day Blog' or a 'TradeCentre Blog'... I'm confused and vulnerable"

Matt Beanish brings up a good point:

"Why would anyone bid on the 2009 O'Toole mug when they could hold off and bid on a potentially MUSTACHED O'Toole on the 2012 Tradecentre mug? What are the odds that he grows one by then?"

If he starts now he MIGHT pull it off.

"Do you need a personal secretary? If so Im available" says Myles Gummo.

Um... is Myles a girl's name? Dear Lord please tell me Myles is a girl's name.

12:26 - James Duthie is back on television and he breaks the bad news: "...I'd say we're 6 or 7 trades behind our pace when we've had 20 or more..."

Will Blake of Fredericton is stepping up big time:

"I'll give you $100 for the mug and the portrait and I'll throw in an extra $10 for the O'Toole mug too!"

Just a reminder we will actually give the money from the winning bid to a charity of Gino's choice...

Tyler D'Alfonso is like the devil on my shoulder:

"12 O'Clock somewhere Jay... Grolsch time?"

I would crack one right now but I can't drink on the job.

Olivier Tremblay from Montreal is like a young Nietzsche:

"Ruining people's education? Geez Jay, chances are they will learn a lot more thing about life from your blog than from some university professor who, chances are, is drinking from a Gino Reda mug without understanding the symbol that mug carries"  So true. So true

12:33 - Duthie: "... Boston has a deal done involving Petteri Nokilainen... " The Tradebreakers are less than impressed with this statement. "Do better!" says Gord Miller.

Dreger: "Widespread belief is that Olli Jokinen has been dealt to the Calgary Flames ... the package is believed to include Matthew Lombardi and a first round draft pick going the other way... Jokinen has not been told yet"

Gord: "... a team that was in the running for Jokinen has been told they are out of the running..."

Ernesto Cuadra Foy is planning my future:

"If RDS (for you Americans RDS is like TSN in Quebec) tells you they would offer you a huge contract ($25 million a year) to work with them but in exchange you have to polish up a bit on your French skills. Would you still take it?"

$25 million a year? I would learn the click language for that. So OUI. I'm sure my Grade 11 Alberta high school french would hold up.

12:37 - Bob McKenzie: "...Petteri Nokalainen goes from Boston to Anaheim for Steve Montador..."

12:38 - Dreger: "...Lombardi, Brandon Prust and a 1st round draft pick to Phoenix for Olli Jokinen..." The Tradebreakers are saying it's a done deal.

The O'Toole insults keep on coming... here's one from Scott Hastings at St.FX University:

"...Is it true that O'Toole is wearing the same size clothes he wore in Grade 3?"

Matt Whittaker is now offering $100 for the Dan O'Toole mug! Way to step up Matt! He asks if I will throw in the Tradecentre shirt! I'll even wash it!

12:45 - Big discussion on the impact of the Calgary Flames picking up Olli Jokinen. Everyone agrees it's a great deal for Calgary. The Flames are obviously the early deadline winners with Jokinen and Leopold.

Pierre McGuire is not impressed with the Montreal Canadiens lineup right now. He even waved his hand dismissively.

Keith Jones with the line of the day: "The good news is they've got the 101st anniversary next year"

Ross McNaughton wonders:

"Are you intimidated that Bob McKenzie also has a blog going?"

I am ALWAYS intimidated by Bob, or anyone who actually works as a journalist at this network.

12:49 - Calgary bureau chief Jermain Franklin is on the telephone and here's the great news: We have a picture of Jermain and not an actual telephone! Serious progress being made on this show.

Adam Johnston is reading the blog from Comoros, East Africa:

"My bid for your Gino Mug is 5000 Comorian Francs and a regular mug witha pic of me with a mustache taped to the side" Tempting.

Brad Ackerson is creeping me out:

"$100 for the Gino Reda mug if you get him to autograph it for me and fill it with locks of his hair" Ewwwwwwwww.....

12:54 - Cory Woron joins us on the phone and yes! We have an ACTUAL PICTURE OF THE FORMER 'DANGER BAY' STAR!!!! He confirms that Vesa Toskala is done for the season. He will be put on Injured Reserve so he can have surgery on his nagging groin. The Leafs were able to do this because of their Marty Gerber waiver wire pickup.

12:55 - James talks to Ray Ferraro from Buffalo where Ray will be broadcasting the Sabres/Habs game tonight on TSN. On Jokinen: "... I believe the Calgary Flames are going to get an inspired player... I think it's a terrific pickup... Phoenix gets what they need out of the deal... this is a deal that probably helps both clubs... "

According to Ray: "... Guy Carbonneau said that Bob Gainey told him it's been 'really quiet" Sorry Habs fans.

Elemer Jerkovits... yes... Elemer Jerkovits... wonders:

"Did you have to take a urine test prior to be eligible to conduct the TradeCentre blog?"

I'm sorry ... Jerkovits?

Scott Grant from Halifax asks:

"... Did Tortorella pick on you guys when he worked there? I'm guessing he handed out a few wedgies a day and probably like to put guys in headlocks!"

No one picks on me and O'Toole... NO ONE (the answer is yes of course)

1:02 - James Duthie clarifies: "... that first round pick going back to Phoenix ... it's Calgary's choice whether it's this year or next year...."

1:05 - Gord Miller joins us now with the "nuts and bolts" of the Jokinen deal: Jokinen and a 3rd round pick to Calgary for Prust, Lombardi and a 1st rounder (either this year or next) ... 

Darren Dreger: "I think it's safe to say Lombardi isn't thilled.... but Jokinen is doing backflips right now" Mike Keenan has already talked to Jokinen. 

Gord: "....Calgary has to make another move we think.. they are several million dollars over the cap"

Bob: "... the two teams that appear to be at the front of the line for Jay Bouwmeester are the Philadelphia Flyers and... (DRUM ROLL) ... the Vancouver Canucks... "

Bob: "... the phone lines in Atlanta are burning up for Colby Armstrong..."

Dreger: "... the offers haven't been quite strong enough for Nik Antropov or Dominic Moore..."

Gord: "... Blackberries make you live longer..."

James Duthie with a freudian slip ... he calls Matthew Barnaby "Matthew Lombardi"... then apologizes to the Lombardi family on camera.

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