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Jay Onrait
3/4/2009 2:32:18 PM
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Welcome to my fourth annual TRADECENTRE BLOG, Page 4!

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Matthew Barnaby: "... I talked to players in the Western Conference (about the Jokinen deal) and they said 'Great'... 'He's a cancer'" Wow.

Barnaby: "... they have a very good locker room in Calgary that will probably be able to keep him under control..."

Jay Feaster: "... this is a coach (Keenan) that knows him..."

Laviolette: "... Olli Jokinen is a front line player... he can even play the point on the power play... "

Barnaby: "... maybe this is a chance to restore his reputation..."

Duthie asks: "Do these moves elevate Calgary into the stature of a Detroit and San Jose?"

Feaster: "Yes... great goalie.."

Laviolette: "... Calgary vs. Detroit... I'm taking Detroit..."

1:14 - Ryan Rishaug joins us from Ottawa (where the Oilers are playing on a road trip) .... Oilers are practicing and Eric Cole (mentioned in many rumours) is on the ice...

Brendan Clark has a question:

"... I've always thought Steve Simmons of The Reporters and Alex Yankou from the original Degrassi Jr.High had a remarkable resemblance. Can you confirm or deny if, in fact, they are the same person?"

I can neither confirm or deny that fact. Uh oh, the geeks are coming out of their basements, J.D. in Burlington, ON asks:

".. did Duthie just refer to teams unsure of their status as buyers/sellers as belonging to 'Middle Earth'??? Does that mean Gary Bettman is Sauron?"

This from Shane in Ottawa:

"If you could compare yourself to any NHLer past or present, who would you pick? Personally, I think Manute Bol during his stint with the Indianapolis Ice"

Wow... that hurts... I was going to say John Tonelli.

1:24 - Darren Dreger says: "Mark Recchi has been traded to the Boston Bruins"

Bob McKenzie: "... Los Angeles Kings have signed goaltender Erik Ersberg for a 2-year extension... " Say it with me nation!



Gord Miller: "... it looks as though contract talks between Chris Neil and the Ottawa Senators have broken down... clearing the way for him to be dealt... "

Dreger: "... the Pittsburgh Penguins are interested in Bill Guerin and Jarrko Ruutu..."

1:26 - Peter Laviolette has joined Pale Rider Pang and Pierre with Duthie at the main desk. "Recchi is a great pickup for the Boston Bruins..."

1:29 - Mark Recchi is on the phone: "... I'm excited... I'll go do whatever they want me to do... "

Derek Grieve asks an easy one:

"Who had a better mustache? Gino Reda or Jim Van Horne in his SportsDesk days?"  Two legends... only one mustache can win out... it's J.V.H

1:32 - The Recchi deal is : Recchi and a 2010 2nd Round Pick for Matt Lashoff and Martins Karsums

1:33 - Dave Hodge: "... Did you hold Keith Jones out of that segment in case he got hurt?"

Daniel Reid again with the mustaches:

"... Gino Reda in his prime or Tom Selleck?" It's a wash.

Joe Giannotti writes in to say that Eklund is reporting that I'm being traded for a pair of pants... it's an e5... so that means it probably won't happen! Whew!

Andrew Siebert just wrote in and offered $20 for my TSN boxers shorts. Does he know I've been wearing them? All day?

Mark Malloch wonders:

"Who has the best salt n' pepper hairstyle? Craig MacTavish, Dan O'Toole or the Old Prospector Gus Chiggins?"

I'd be more worried about coyotes if I was yer!

Devin Wells just wrote in with some disturbing news: Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are apparently back together. I am officially depressed.

Mike from Barrie with some kudos:

"I just wanted to congratulate you by scarring Duthie and probably hundreds of others, with that close up of your Dan O'Tooles" No problem. I'm not ashamed of my body and you shouldn't be either Mike.

Nick just wrote me from Calgary to say: "Calgary should trade Bertuzzi for Bouwmeester"  Oh boy.

1:45 - There's a shot of me filling up both the O'Toole and Reda mugs with more delicious coffee... I've got to make sure to shut down this live camera in my place when TradeCentre is done

1:49 - Cory Woron joins James on the phone... there was a rumour that Dominic Moore was on the way to Chicago... that has been denied by the Leafs...

1:51 - Gord Miller says that according to a Denver Post reporter... Peter Forsberg is in Denver and will announce his retirement tonight! "Fittingly enough... prior to a Colorado/Detroit game..."

1:53 - Dreger: "Jay Bouwmeester and Derek Morris are 'connected'".... the Coyotes are waiting for Bouwmeester to possibly be dealt

1:54 - McKenzie: "Bill Guerin deal to Pittsburgh is a rumour that may be close to happening...this would be a different deal than the one that was supposed to happen last weekend..."

1:55 - McKenzie: "... the New York Rangers are said to be very interested in Derek Morris..."

1:56 - Ryan Rishaug joins us from Oiler practice in Ottawa to report... that the Oilers have done nothing... so far... "the optics of the Calgary Flames being so active are not going to sit well with Oiler fans..."

1:57 - Gord Miller - "... the Colorado Avalanche say Peter Forsberg is NOT in Denver... " So the Denver Post report was wrong. Thanks for nothing Denver Post!

1:58 - Dreger - "... I've just received a text message that Bill Guerin is going to the Pittsburgh Penguins"

1:59 - Keith Jones: "... I would take Bill Guerin over Miro Satan ANY DAY ...."

2:00 - Keith Jones: "... I am now officially on record that the Pittsburgh Penguins will make the playoffs... "

Paul Cesana wonders:

"Is it true when you're in the studio you're not allowed to look Gino Reda directly in the eyes?" I can't talk about that. I don't want to put my life in danger.

Rick Walbourne wonders:

"Where can I get my hands on a Sara Orlesky mug? I know it's not the real thing but she won't take my calls"

Ben Perry from Boulder, Colorado states:

"... Lawrence Nycholat is this year's version of Roman Vopat..."

2:06 - Gord Miller - "... Bill Guerin to the Pens for a 5th round pick... which can become a 3rd round pick if Pittsburgh wins a playoff round..."

2:07 - Darren Dreger - ".... San Jose Sharks and Detroit Red Wings expected to fight it out for Chris Neil..."

Dreger: "... Chris Neil was hoping for a 4-year... perhaps a 5-year deal from the Ottawa Senators... Bryan Murray said last night that he had a deal in place to trade Chris Neil if contract negotiations fell apart..."

2:09 - James Duthie: "... right now 8 trades and 17 total players traded... could be the quietest Deadline Day in 10 years..."

Tyler Coveney from St.Catherines, ON writes:

"That Gino Reda mug you've been drinking out of seems very similar to the one Jesus once drank from.  Is that in fact that same one or just a replica?" No it's the same one. The Holy Grail that Jesus drank out of had Gino Reda's picture on it.

2:11 - We have a shot of John Tortorella coaching Sean Avery at practice this afternoon. Weird.

Keith Jones: "He's asking him a Quiz question..."

Keith Jones: "... If Vancouver is in play for Jay Bouwmeester... that's where he's going to go... "

Dutchy now standing with Pierre and he says this about him: "... I had to help 'Chunky Trunks' up here on the riser..."

Pierre: "... I think we're going to see Chris Neil go pretty soon here..."

Justin Jones in Manitoba says:

".... it is a good thing Pang and McGuire have no hair, because Duthie and Jones definitely used up TSN's hair product quota for the day..."

Dutchy: "... can Radek Bonk skate in the new NHL?"

Pierre: "... he couldn't play in the old NHL"

Pierre: "... If the Canucks get Bouwmeester... Bieksa is going the other way..."

Craig Stannix writes:

"What makes you the lucky one to stay home, watch TV, and type a few words into your blog?" Because I'm ugly that's why.

Ean Moxam wonders:

"I'm teaching in Sudbury right now and heading to McDonalds for lunch. What should I have?" Big Mac combo, coke, double cheeseburger on the side. It's the "Jay Onrait"

Jon Pynn has a legitimate question:

"Is Pierre that psyched about everything? Or just hockey stuff? I would love to see him commenting on a Wal-Mart employee's scan technique"

Even better I would love to see Pierre as a Wal-Mart "greeter"... he would prepare you for a very intense shopping experience...

In addition to offering a mint condition 1984 Honda Accord for the Gino Reda mug, Jon Troke in Grand Falls-Windsor, NL states:

"I've spent most of my day reading your blog instead of working. Should I just quite my job as it's apparent what my true calling in life is, reading your blog. Because I'll do it"

Sure Jon, as long as you can support yourself on an unpaid internship.

Ian Miller has what he calls a "serious question":

"Duff or Underwood?"

Ian I don't even think it's a contest... Underwood by a country mile! Oh SNAP!

2:28 - James Duthie just said his 8-year-old daughter's favourite song is Lady GaGa's "Poker Face"... why?... because...

We have a clip of Darryl Sutter telling Jermain Franklin that rumours of the Flames looking for an offensive defenceman are "not accurate at all" ... then we show the deal that brought Jordan Leopold to Calgary! Poker Face!

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