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Jay Onrait
3/4/2009 4:07:30 PM
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Welcome to my fourth annual TRADECENTRE BLOG, Page 5!

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Tim Gentle wonders:

"Which of these anagrams of your name suits you best?

Janitor Ya or Toy in a Jar"

I think Toy in a Jar. Wow. The lack of trades is really affecting our viewers and readers...

Shane Graham from Brock University is worried about my love life:

"Since Hedger is married to someone from a rival network.. when are you going outside the network to find a woman friend? Or is Holly Horton available?"

Holly is not available. If Diana Swain is now single she should give me a call.

Matthew Devine will not let this go:

"Hate to bring up old wounds, but Wade Belak's wife was never on Saved by the Bell... you told me last year to let it go... I just can't"

Listen Matthew... all I know is that she told me herself, in person, that she was on the show. So you're calling her a liar. Have fun dealing with Wade.

Jon Charbonneau wonders:

"Do you think we should move to having TradeCentre as a National Holiday?"

I even suggested it on Sportscentre yesterday. Now ... 8 trades in... it's not looking so good... how about Free Agent Frenzy day? Since it's in July the weather would be better.

2:40 - Bob McKenzie: "... are the Florida Panthers talking about Jay Bouwmeester to teams like Vancouver and Philly? Yes they are. This deal may still not get done... he may not go anywhere... we've said it all along..."

2:41 - Darren Dreger: "... it seems like it's down two a two-horse race for Derek Morris between the Flyers and the Rangers"

2:42 - Gord Miller: "... it's believed the Toronto Maple Leafs have been offered 2nd round picks for Nik Antropov and Dominic Moore..."

2:44 - Gord Miller: "Dan Carcillo from Phoenix to the Flyers for Scottie Upshall and a 2nd round pick"

2:45 - Pale Rider Pang: "... you can picture Dan Carcillo playing for the Philadelphia Flyers... " it's true. He will be absolutely huge there. The Flyer fans will love that guy.

Pale Rider: "... the fans in Phoenix are going to be disappointed... "

Keith Jones: "... Flyer fans are going to be energized..."

Pierre McGuire: "... didn't Philadelphia already think they had this in Steve Downie?"

Pale Rider: "... Upshall's speed and his energy... I think he'll excell under Wayne Gretzky..."

2:47 - Dreger: "the Toronto Maple Leafs have traded Nik Antropov to the New York Rangers... " Dreger still working on details...

Pierre McGuire: "Mark Bell goes to New York... Nik Antropov goes to New York... Brian Burke and Glen Sather own the WHL's Chilliwack Bruins together..."

"Collusion?" jokes Duthie. "Relationships" corrects Panger.

2:49 - Dreger: "It's a 2nd rounder and a conditional pick for Nik Antropov..."

2:50 - Pierre McGuire: "... this is a great deal for the Leafs, absolutely..."

2:51 - Cory Woron: "... the Leafs have confirmed that they are trying to flip Marty Gerber"

James Duthie: "... that confuses me..."

Keith Jones: "I would do anything to get Sami Pahlsson if I were the Chicago Blackhawks..."

Pierre: "... Pahlsson, Moen and Robby Niedermayer was one of the best checking lines in recent memory..."

Pierre: "... how about Edmonton? Anybody talking about Edmonton?"

Pierre: "... Does anybody know the Minnesota Wild exist right now?"

Pang: "... the 19000 who sell it out every night know..."

Duthie: "Gentlemen... please stop... we have Bill Guerin on the line... how relieved are you that this is done?"

Guerin: "It was a pretty painful process... we thought we had a deal done a few days ago... I've been through trade deadlines before... I'm extremely excited to be going to Pittsburgh... a young talented team like that... they're playing great... "

2:57 - Is the Dan Carcillo move a precursor to the Bouwmeester trade? Pierre seems to think so.

Lots of "players in play" ... Bouwmeester, Derek Morris, Chris Neil...

2:59 - One minute to go!

Pierre states Jay Bouwmeester is not going anywhere one minute before the deadline.

Jay Bouwmeester is not getting traded

Gord: "Derek Morris to the New York Rangers... " just as the siren sounds to announce the deadline...

Morris is going to the Rangers... Bouwmeester is going nowhere. Wow.

3:00 - Duthie  "... we are at 10 trades ... 20 players...  slowest day in 6 years...."

Panger: " I just got a note from Keith Ballard of the Florida Panthers and he said 'perfect'" regarding the Bouwmeester trade.

3:02 - Gord Miller: "... the Derek Morris trade is Morris for Dimitri Kalinen, Nigel Dawes and Petr Prucha" My how far Petr Prucha has fallen. It's clearly because he spells Peter without two "e"s

3:04 - Cory Woron says that Dominic Moore has been traded. There's a rumour out there that Alexei Ponikarovsky has been dealt to Nashville. Pale Rider Pang appears to have squashed that rumour. Stay tuned...

3:05 - Duthie: "... do Nik Antropov and Derek Morris get the New York Rangers into the playoffs?"

Cory Woron on the phone with a picture... "... Dominic Moore has been dealt... Martin Gerber stays in Toronto and will start for the Leafs on Thursday night"

3:06 - Pierre McGuire on the Montreal Canadiens on deadline day: "Losers"

Pale Rider: "... I'm disappointed if I'm a Montreal Canadiens fan... there's an issue down the middle of the ice for this hockey club..."

Gord Miller: "Dominic Moore to Buffalo for a 2nd round pick that originally belonged to the Carolina Hurricanes"

Bob McKenzie: "Atlanta trades Erik Christiansen to Anaheim for a prospect..."

Gord Miller: "Alexei Ponikarovski was reported traded in other circles. He was not."

Bob: "Chris Neil was not traded..."

Pierre: "... Buffalo Sabres made their team better today..."

3:10 - Keith Jones: "It's interesting that Dominic Moore gets a 2nd round pick. Chris Neil... when the legs start to go.. the market is not there..." Keith Jones is making a lot of great points on this broadcast. It really needs to be said.

3:11 - Time to check in with Darryl Sutter's live press conference....

on Olli Jokinen:

"... we worked really hard to get Jokinen last summer (from Florida) ... we didn't have what they wanted... it's the first time that we've been able to put ourselves in a position to trade draft picks for top players... Mike Keenan didn't know anything about this trade until I told him last night... if there had been more deadline we had more room...  "

on Leopold:

" was important that we brought in a defenceman... that was just a conversation that happend this morning... he's an important guy because he can play both sides for our team... "

3:18 - Duthie: "... the Toronto Maple Leafs are done..."

3:19 - Keith Jones with a sobering thought for Ranger fans: "... Derek Morris has one power play assist all season long..."

3:20 - Duthie: "Four of the top 5 teams in the National Hockey League do not make a deal..."

Bradley Shea echoes everyone's feelings when he says:

"Gino Reda is indeed a legend... but I miss Teresa Kruze (Hergert)" We all miss T Bradley, we all miss T.

3:26 - Duthie talks to Nik Antropov who has just become a New York Ranger and will now play for John Tortorella: "... he's a good coach and... that's all I'm going to say for now..." Nik Antropov is a smart man.

Addison Moore writes in to ask:

"Who would win in a fight - Hedger or Horton?"

And the answer is: Every man in the country.  (I'm sorry Jen and Holly - I had to go for the cheap laugh.  I'm so tired.)

3:29 - Gord: "Steve Eminger from Tampa to Florida for Noah Welch and a 3rd round pick" That's like a trade between Edmonton and Calgary.

3:31 - Pierre McGuire on Tampa's management: "Overwhelming with brain matter" (positively dripping with sarcasm)

Gord Miller points out that he and Pierre are doing a game there next week. "I will be there and I won't hide like some people" says Pierre. Classic!

Pierre McGuire also points out that the Dan Boyle trade now amounts to Dan Boyle for Noah Welch and a 3rd round pick. He's right Tampa is a disaster.

Pierre also points out: "They said they wouldn't trade Vinny Lecavalier but they were shopping him" Pierre is putting all his cards on the table at this point and it's making for the best TV of the day.

3:35 - Gord: "... San Jose sends Kyle Maclaren to Philadelphia... for a 6th round pick"

3:36 - Darren Dreger: "... Sami Pahlsson to the Blackhawks for James Wiesnewski and a pick... the deal is also believed to include a Finnish prospect going back to Anaheim...."

3:37 - Bob: "We're led to believe that Edmonton has made a trade... we're led to believe that Carolina has made a trade..."

Gord yelps: "Erik Cole back to Carolina!" scaring the crap out of Dregs and Bob. He was just speculating! But obviously it's possible since it's been rumoured for weeks... Bob also mentions the possibility of players like Tuomo Ruutu and Chad Larose going back to Edmonton....

3:40 - Jay Feaster: "... Nik Antropov is not a John Tortorella type player..."

3:42 - Matthew Barnaby on the Rangers: "... they have a terrible team and a great goaltender..." Everyone seems to agree on one thing: The New York Rangers are in serious trouble while the Sabres, the Penguins and the Panthers have all improved themselves on this day either by adding players or just holding on to their key players (like Bouwmeester and Connolly)

3:43 - Gord Miller: "Kent Huskins and Travis Moen to San Jose for... we're not sure yet... we'll let you know..."

3:44 - We cut to a live press conference of Sens GM Bryan Murray in Ottawa:

on Acquiring Pascal Leclaire:

"... to have a chance to get a top-end goaltender is a priority in any organization... other than the injuries... everybody felt... he was among the upper echelon of the good young goaltenders in the league... he's had the surgery on the ankle... "

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