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Jay Onrait
3/4/2009 6:06:53 PM
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Welcome to my fourth annual TRADECENTRE BLOG, Page 6!

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Justin Laroche writes:

"This just in... I trade my girlfriend for Jay Onrait"  I'm sorry Justin I'm not going to waive my no-trade for that one. I think you may have some explaining to do later on today. Also: Inflatable dolls are not "girlfriends"

3:50 - We're now up to 18 trades... Gord Miller: "Patrick O'Sullivan has been traded from the Los Angeles Kings to Carolina." He was born in North Carolina. Anaheim sends Travis Moen and Kent Huskins to San Jose for Tim Pihlmeye, Nick Bonino and a pick. Gord also confirms the Oilers have made a deal but we don't know the details yet.

Ahhh hold on... it's a three-way deal between Edmonton, Carolina and Los Angeles...

Edmonton would get Patrick O'Sullivan ... Los Angeles would get Justin Williams... and Gord is assuming Erik Cole is involved in this somehow.

Wow... that is something.

4:00 - Gord Miller: "It's not exactly a three-way deal but essentially...."

Carolina gets Erik Cole

Edmonton gets Patrick O'Sullivan

L.A. gets Justin Williams

Draft picks going all over the place...

Keith Jones just walked right in front of the camera as he is replaced on the panel by Peter Laviolette so Peter can talk about Erik Cole going back to Carolina. Keith Jones needs to be on TSN more. That was an even better camera walk through than Pierre has managed to pull off in the past couple of years...

4:05 - Erik Cole is on the phone and says he's "real surprised" to be going back to Carolina. Why don't I believe him?

4:06 - Brian Burke is now at the podium: "Especially guys with families ... trade deadline is no fun... this was an opportunity to put some draft picks back into the hopper... we were missing a couple of picks in this year's draft... I thnk that's important for us... it was a good day for us long-term... "

On the 2010-2011 salary cap:

"... I think everyone is scared to death of the 2010-2011 season... my sense is that teams are scared to death... I think some teams are going to really regret those 5, 6, 12-year deals... "

on Vesa Toskala:

"...he could do the surgery in the off-season... and be ready for camp... but he'd probably just make it..."

And now here's a weird deal that's been announced:

Maple Leafs acquire Olaf Kolzig, Jamie Heward, Andy Rogers and a 4th round pick to tampa for Richard Petiot. Bizarre. I'm genuinely afraid of Pierre's reaction to this one. Kolzig is injured at this point.

4:23 - Back to Gord: "take the salaries of all those injured players (Kolzig, Heward) ... essentially what this is ... Toronto absorbs $500 000 in salary in exchange for a 4th round pick"  Essentially... Toronto BOUGHT a 4th round pick.

4:24 - And the Oilers sent a 2nd round pick to Buffalo for Ales Kotalik. So the Oilers added Ales Kotalik and Patrick O'Sullivan and subtract Erik Cole. Looks like Darcy Regier isn't so upset at the Oilers for trying to sign Tomas Vanek anymore.

4:25 - Regarding the Lightning/Leafs deal: "Does this pass the sniff-test for the NHL?" Jay Feaster doesn't even want to touch that one.

4:28 - Duthie: "Now we're up at 20 deals!"

4:29 - Duthie: "We're at 22 deals now"

4:31 - Burke is now on with Duthie. Burke says he wasn't really close to trading anyone on his team that WASN'T traded. He says a month ago chances were remote he would have gotten a 2nd round pick for Nik Antropov and that Antropov's play in the past month helped him make the deal.

Burke also said Pavel Kubina and Tomas Kaberle have earned the right to stay in Toronto based on the way they played. Ponikarovky, John Mitchell as well. He said if the league allowed teams to retain salary in trades you would see a lot more "sizzle" at the deadline.

Burke thinks the deals Phoenix made set themselves up well in the long-term. He thinks Calgary made great deals and looks great for the playoffs.

He's also impressed with his old team in Anaheim and the moves they made to "re-tool on the fly"

Duthie tries again:

"... there's no secrets in television anymore... we know you got Olaf Kolzig, Jamie Heward, Andy Rogers and a 4th round pick for Richard Petiot from the Marlies... can you explain that deal to us?"

Burke: "No"

Duthie: "Brian Burke... General Manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs!" That was pretty funny. Burke even smiled a little bit.

4:39 - Pierre McGuire: "The Calgary Flames are the big winners today"

Keith Jones: " I think the Devils won before it even started... Havelid... getting Brodeur back.. Rolston last summer..." He also mentions the Bruins adding Recchi...

Jay Feaster: "... I honestly think that Phoenix has improved themselves... Lombardi... Upshall... Prucha... Dawes... a first round pick... a 2nd round pick..."

Keith Jones: "... the best thing that may have happened to Phoenix in the long run is that they dropped down from 6th about a month ago to where they are now... in the long run it may be the best thing"

4:45 - Duthie tells us that the NHL has approved that bizarre Tampa/Toronto deal

4:46 - Dave Hodge and The Reporters discuss who were the big losers at the deadline:

Damien Cox points out that Dave Nonis was fired in part for not pulling the trigger on a blockbuster deal last year (Brad Richards)... so now the Canucks don't pull the trigger on a blockbuster deal again...

Still why would the Canucks have given up Bieksa? That would have been just brutal. Don Cherry would have been so upset.

Michael Farber doesn't think Bob Gainey should be criticized because "he did act" by acquiring Schneider, etc. before the deadline. Not sure their fan base would agree.

Words of encouragement from reader Cory Smith:

"Congrats on four years doing the trade blog. Next year is the BIG ONE. You've now matched the longevity of such television epics as The O.C. Any word on a similar DVD box set, including an unrated version for us mature adults?"

I'd like to think that unlike The O.C.... the TradeCentre Blog has been consistent throughout the 4 years. As for the unrated version. There is no unrated version. That's why I wore the t-shirt under the robe: No one wanted to see the unrated version.

Also the O'Toole hits just keep on comin'... this one from Tyler Coveney in St.Catherines, ON:

"If O'Toole was having any part of today's show would he really need an "Adult Diaper" or could he just wear one of his infant daughters?"

I love this question from Patrick Byrne in Ottawa, ON:

"Jay, if the TSN studios were the Starship Enterprise, which member of the panel would be Captain Kirk? And more importantly, who would be the doomed nameless landing party red-shirted shlub?"

Duthie would be Kirk. James Cybulski would make a good Spock. We have no red-shirted shlubs. They all work at The Discovery Network.

5:03 - James Duthie: "We have reached the final hour of TradeCentre" Oh thank the Lord.

Another e-mail this one from Brett Crowe:

"If TSN really wants to broaden its audience they should start airing a new program called 'Pierre yelling at Dutchy' "

We had that show a few years ago and it was great. It was called: "Molson That's Hockey 2"

5:10 - Pierre McGuire is "a little bit befuddled by Minnesota" They could lose Marian Gaborik for nothing.

Keith Jones: "I like the moves Edmonton made"

Pierre: "If you're a player in the Edmonton room now you feel you have a fighting chance..."

Ian Cooper of Maple Ridge, B.C. asks:

"Are you related to Bonnie Raitt?" HA HA HA!!!! Ahhhh....

5:15 - Pierre and the gang seem to love what Buffalo did today, signing Connolly. But Keith Jones cautions: "Buffalo's got their work cut out for them"

Panger just gets better and has more energy as the day goes on: "I thought Boston was going to go after Keith Tkachuk"

Pierre aludes to the fact that Tkachuck was supposed to go to Boston but for some reason the deal fell through.

How about this:

"You thought Jerkovitis was bad... how about my last name?


Kevin Hiscock"

We're going for the real cheap laughs in this last hour ladies and gentlemen.

Kevin Forbes asks:

"Cory Woron was on Danger Bay? Was he Jonah?"

No Kevin, I think you should know by now that Jonah was played by actor Christopher Crabb (perhaps he goes by "Chris Crabb" as this point I'm not sure) Cory appeared on a couple of episodes as one of Jonah's best friends. How cool is that? No matter what I do in my broadcasting career, I will never be able to say I was on Danger Bay, one of the greatest TV shows in Canadian history. Kudos Cory... kudos.

5:21 - Highlights of Vancouver GM Mike Gillis's press conference from Vancouver:

"... I think the last two games were our best two games of the season... we have a great group of players... to make change for the sake of making change wasn't something I was prepared to do... I'm perfectly content"

5:23 - James Duthie is back with the "War Room" of Laviolette, Feaster, and Barnaby.

Chris Ford from Iqaluit, NU says:

"Someone's bidding for your t-shirt? I can only imagine that it smells faintly of Doritos and Axe body spray"

Chris I think you're mistaking my t-shirt for the t-shirt that Bret Michaels is wearing right now.

Reader Derek MacDonald loves wireless internet. Why?

"... having the ability to bring my laptop into the bathroom stall with me and catch the Jokinen trade through your blog is incredible" it is?

5:34 - Duthie is back reminding us that there's less than a half hour of coverage left. So tired... so... so tired...

5:38 - Bob McKenzie: "... there's every reason to believe Chris Pronger will be traded in the off-season..."

5:39 - Darren Dreger: "... we didn't talk much about Martin St.Louis and what might happen there (in the off-season)... the Colorado Avalanche didn't do much in terms of dropping salary... lots of speculation they will need to do that this summer..."

5:40 - Darryl Sutter is on the line with James Duthie and we have an actual picture of Darryl Sutter and not a picture of a telephone. This show keeps getting better and better.  "I think Jay (Feaster) would give me strong orders to add a big centre to try and win a Stanley Cup"

On Jokinen:

"... my brother Duane had been with him in Florida...he works for us now... I took his advice on it... to be honest Mike (Keenan) didn't know we were talking about it until last night" Sort of a telling statement about how things work in Calgary if there was ever any speculation about who runs the show there. 

Kaitlin from the University of Regina e-mails:

"Hey Jay I'm just wondering if you and O'Toole have played 'knit a touque' yet?"

No but O'Toole plays "shovel the driveway" every time his wife tells him to. Every ... time...

Jeff Sehl from Caledon, ON (home of Sportscentre Morning Loop Producer "Tim") wonders:

"Have you and Dan ever had an Anchorman-like brawl with members of other news shows?"

The answer is yes and unfortunately for Jay Engram at "Daily Planet" it did not end well.

5:58 - This thing is almost over... Duthie is back ... "Just a couple minutes left... "

Erik Cole speaks to the media... says the trade back to Carolina: "Was a little surprising... I'm a little disappointed things didn't work out in Edmonton... should be a pretty easy transition back to Carolina..."

Either he's a brilliant actor, or he's genuinely sad about this. Weird. I kind of assumed he would be very happy about this.


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