The Morning Loop Companion - Tuesday, March 10

3/10/2009 9:20:26 AM
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Hello Friends!

It's been a great week here at and it's only getting better! Now Dan O'Toole and I are twittering during commercials at 11:00 Pacific every night!
Did you miss last night's edition? No problem... here at the Top Ten Tweets:

10. "... John Lu just described some of Montreal's players as 'being there in body but not in spirit' ... This is how I describe Dan every night..."

9.  "... Apologies to curling fans, but Dwyane Wade's game-winning shot should have been our HON. Whoops I should have said SPOILER ALERT!"

8.  "... Two things no one needs to see ever again: The World Baseball Classic or new episodes of 'Entourage'..."

7.  "....Dan says Australia's team at the WBC is made of 60% Koalas...."

6.  "... One of our camera operators tonight is Tom, aka 'the camera operator who openly hates us both'..."

5.  "... Dan just said Chris Andersen of the Nuggets is the only athlete who uses more hair product than him. He's forgetting Doug Gilmour..."

4.  "... Dan's script for the HON describes Glenn Howard's take-out as 'just a sick shot' ... Never thought I'd hear those words to describe curling"

3.  "... Suneel Joshi making a rare and welcome appearance on the show right now..."

2.  "... I just told the nation I was jealous of Suneel and Dan's friendship"

1.  "... Sarah Renner says 'she doesn't want to tell her daughter she stood for nothing' ... Dan doesnt have any problem with it"

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