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4/13/2009 8:48:52 PM
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9:08pm et

- Matt Devlin says Roko Ukic is "6 for his last 32." Basically Roko is open the second he steps on the floor to the moment he leaves

- A lot of discussion about who the runner-up for the NBA's 6th man award will be since Jason Terry will win it for Dallas.

- The MGD smooth play of the game happened back in the 1st quarter so there's a good indication of how things have gone.

- The best thing about the Raptors season: Matt Devlin.

- We are going to shut this down early.... Let's hope for a better season next year. Don't forget to watch the Scotiabank Draft Lottery on TSN Tuesday night!

8:40pm et

- Aaaaaaaaaaaanddddd....we're back!

- TSN shows a Caron Butler graphic that says "The Butler Did it." Nice. Flip Saunders on his way to coach Washington? That's the rumour. "One of the best coaches I ever played for" says Leo. "Very creative offensive coach." Maybe he should be the next coach of the Edmonton Oilers! Oh snap!

- I think I just saw former Clinton advisor and "Old School" star James Carville on the "kiss cam"

- Toronto looks brutal and now they're down by 10.... "Raps look good" says our director Franklin in a deadpan delivery that would make Steven Wright proud. Franklin wonders if Matt Devlin has used the phrase "Pops with Mad Hops" before.... Seems like a missed opportunity if he hasn't.

8:10pm et

- Did NBA ref Mark Wonderlich (working this game) create the Wonderlich test for NFL draftees?

- Jack Armstrong is the subject of the "Now You Know" segment. Favourite drink: Beer. Least favourite activity: "Not having beer."

- Jack's favourite singer is Sinatra.

-Leo's favourite drink is Sambuca and his favourite singer is Beyonce with an honourable mention going to the Pussycat Dolls. My favourite singer is Kenny Rogers and coincidentally he is also my favourite plastic surgery victim.

- Gotta get ready for the Capital One Halftime show - tune in!

7:51pm et

- Leo: "Douby reminds me of Juan Dixon"

- Hey look, they're promoting our coverage of the Scotiabank Draft Lottery! I'm pretty sure the Islanders will take Blake Griffin if they get the top pick. Darius Songaila hits a three.... "Always good to have a Lithuanian on the floor" says Leo. Leo says Bill Wennington is Chuck Swirsky's play-by-play partner in Chicago.... An all-Canadian combo calling the Bulls!

- "Didn't I just say they can't let up?" Asks Leo.... (He did) .... Raps now only up by one as Dominic McGuire slices through the lane at will against the Raps, completing a 19-4 run. Jack Armstrong on the Wizards cheerleaders: "Hello! Ola! Bonjour!" Make sure to check out Jack on RDS and Telemundo soon.

7:37pm et

- Leo estimates the Verizon Centre is half-full which reminds him of the time one of his broadcast partners called it "Vendor Night" during a game in Atlanta .... "Every fan has their own vendor!"

- Jack is talking about the Flames/Blackhawks series and then ridiculing game Producer Paul Graham's Edmonton Oilers for not making the playoffs. Spending all that time on the radio with Doug Armstrong is really improving Jack's hockey knowledge - Fashion maven Leo Rautins and I both agree: Craig Sager wouldn't even wear Eddie Tapscott's tie.

7:30pm et

- They're advertising Chevy Chase bank at the Verizon Centre.... There is no way I'm investing my money with the guy who starred in "Cops and Robbersons"

- Every time I see Chris Bosh attempt a three point shot I yell "Nooooooo" in slow motion. Every time!

- Shawn Marion: 6 points, 6 boards, with 5 minutes to go in the 1st quarter?

- Leo: "You know what this game looks like? Last in the east against one of the last in the east." Yep.

- Leo be-lieves Marion is going for a Caron Butler payback night -Matt Devlin claims there are a lot of Pops Mensa-Bonsu fans at the game from his days at George Washington -You know how there are some things in life that were so ill-advised that you just need to pretend they never happened? Like Caddyshack 2, the Star Wars prequels and Indiana Jones 4? That's how I feel about Michael Jordan's time with the Washington Wizards - both as a player and in the front office. It's really just better for all involved to pretend that did not actually occur.
7:22pm et

- We are live blogging!

- Leo (Rautins) couldn't believe the "props" Ed Tapscott gave himself after the Wizards win over Toronto Friday -we see a shot of Matt Devlin and Jack Armstrong before the tip with enough wires in front of them to hook up Lebron's home theatre.... That's just not a good shot -these gold uniforms that the Wizards are wearing are like something Craig Sager would imagine NBA players would want to wear. Just horrible. Just horror-awful.

- Leo points out the Raps could have drafted Brendan Haywood but a certain former Raptor called him too soft. I can't say who the former Raptor is but let's just say people in glass houses....

- Leo: "I'm starting to like Patrick O'Bryant more and more, just needs to pick up the intensity level.

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