Onrait: On The Phone With Avalanche goalie Craig Anderson

Jay Onrait
10/31/2009 8:38:28 PM
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He's the biggest breakout star in the NHL this season!

7 Minutes On The Phone With...


ONRAIT: Hello?

ANDERSON: Hello, is this Jay?


ANDERSON: Craig Anderson calling.

ONRAIT: Hey Craig, how are you man?

ANDERSON: Good, how are you?

ONRAIT: I'm good. I'm good. Congratulations on all the success so far this season.


ONRAIT: What was it like hearing the fans at the Pepsi Center chant "M-V-P" after your win over Detroit last weekend (after Craig made 48 saves)?

ANDERSON: Spectacular. There's almost no words that can describe the feeling. It builds momentum. It makes you want to play better. It almost makes you feel like Superman.

ONRAIT: Then Friday night you make over 40 saves again (against San Jose) but you don't come away with the win. On one hand that's frustrating, but on the other your team has come so far in such a short time.

ANDERSON: We came out of the gate really strong. Teams are gunning for us now that we're on top of the standings. San Jose's a great team. They've got speed. They've got offensive potency. If you're not ready for that they can embarrass you.

ONRAIT: Did you really mean those nice things you said about Calgary fans after your win at the Saddledome on Wednesday? Or are you setting yourself up just in case you want to sign there in two years time?

ANDERSON: The fans there, they rally around that team. It's a tough place to play! Going down 2-0 early like that, you have to do something to get the fans out of the game.

ONRAIT: Before the season started, if I had told you that you would be breaking franchise records for consecutive starts to begin a season and wins for the month of October, what would you have said to me?

ANDERSON: No chance. Obviously I don't really think about it. I just do my job when called upon. My only goal is to go out there and play well and give my team a chance to win. Obviously the better you play, the more you're going to play.

ONRAIT: So you grew up in a Chicago suburb but you actually have a pretty good reason for not growing up a Blackhawks fan.

ANDERSON: They were never on TV! Couldn't watch 'em.

ONRAIT: So you grew up idolizing...

ANDERSON: Grant Fuhr. Patrick Roy as well, but definitely Grant Fuhr was Number One.

ONRAIT: So when you say Patrick Roy, there's been a few goaltenders who have come to Colorado to try and fill his shoes and they haven't been very successful. I know there was a Number One goaltender spot open, but were you conscious of that?

ANDERSON: It was more the opportunity. There's no way I could fill Patrick Roy's shoes. All I can do is play my best. At the end of the day if I can get this team to the playoffs I've done my job. I'll let the media do all the comparisons they want.

ONRAIT: You weren't invited to the U.S. Olympic Hockey Camp this past summer, but now everyone is wondering if you're going to make the team. Is that important to you at all?

ANDERSON: It would definitely be an honour to go play for your country. Ryan Miller's also had a great start.

ONRAIT: When I say Matt Duchene what's the first thing that comes to your mind?

ANDERSON: I would say 'dynamic'. He does dynamic things with the puck. He has unbelievable skill. Great speed too.

ONRAIT: When I say Ryan O'Reilly what's the first thing that comes to your mind?

ANDERSON: Probably one of the greatest young two-way players I've seen.

ONRAIT: When they diagnosed Peter Budaj with the swine flu did they make you start travelling in a bubble?

ANDERSON: (laughter) No, they secluded him pretty quickly. He was good about staying away from the guys when he wasn't feeling well.

ONRAIT: 'South Park' is set in Colorado. Are you a fan? Do you hope to make it on that show?

ANDERSON: I used to watch it. I'm more into 'Family Guy' now.

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