Onrait: On the Phone With Patrick O'Sullivan

Jay Onrait
11/4/2009 11:40:45 PM
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By now you may have heard of "Movember". It's a moustache-growing charity event held every November that raises funds and awareness for men's health. Several pro athletes are participating including eight members of the Edmonton Oilers.

We spoke to one of the soon-to-be moustachio'd Oilers Patrick O'Sullivan...

ONRAIT: Are you feeling confident? Are you going to come out of this with the best 'stache of the bunch?

O'SULLIVAN: That's a tough call to be honest. We've got some greasy guys growing moustaches.

ONRAIT: There's got to be someone who has entered this race who doesn't have a hope.

O'SULLIVAN: You know who I'm questioning? Gagner, to be honest. He doesn't grow much facial hair but he claims he had a moustache before.

ONRAIT: So he's claiming to have the experience to go the distance?

O'SULLIVAN: He doesn't have experience in much but I guess moustache experience is good. I've never had one.

ONRAIT:  I know it's for a good cause, but do you think it might also improve your overall look?

O'SULLIVAN: I'm missing four teeth so I don't think I'm going to win any modelling contests in the first place. I don't think having a moustache for a month is going to change a whole lot.

ONRAIT: What about your head coach? Do you think the big Irishman could grow a mean one?

O'SULLIVAN: I'm sure he could grow a serious silver moustache. I don't think I've ever seen him with one.

ONRAIT: Even back in his playing days he was never on the moustache train!

O'SULLIVAN: Which is surprising because pretty much everyone else was.

ONRAIT: Do you hear it in the dressing room because your former junior coach Don Cherry is singing your praises every week on Coach's Corner?

O'SULLIVAN: I got it worse in L.A., to be honest. With the 3-hour time change, we would still be in the early stages of getting ready for our game when Coach's Corner would come on. He's a great guy, I learned a lot from him. I think I'm the only guy who's playing in the NHL that he coached. I try to tell people that he's so different when he's not on TV. That's not his personality. He's actually a really quiet, calm guy. I wouldn't say shy but he's reserved. He helped me a lot.

ONRAIT: What's been the most surprising thing playing for a Canadian team?

O'SULLIVAN: It's definitely different coming from L.A. where nobody cared and after the game we'd have two people in the room waiting to talk to us. I didn't know what to expect when I was traded and I didn't know how I was going to like it. But to me, I think it's great. You want to play somewhere where hockey is important. It's everything and more that I thought it would be. The games are sold out and it's a fun building to play in. Outside of the weather, it's a great city. In my opinion if you want to live somewhere warm, you can do it when you're done playing.

ONRAIT: Has Mike Comrie made all of you start watching 'Gossip Girl' now that Hillary Duff is on that show?

O'SULLIVAN: He hasn't made us watch it and I don't know if he watches it either. I think he might and he just doesn't want to talk about it. Hillary actually came out for a weekend and we had our Hallowe'en Party that weekend so everybody got to know her. She's really cool, she's nice. They're a good couple, they're both really short.

Mike's a fun guy. He's got a good attitude. Obviously with his family's success he doesn't really need to play hockey. He does it because he loves it and coming back here really showed that he has a passion for the game and he wanted to kind of redeem the situation that happened when he left.

NOTE: To make donations to Movember charity with the Oilers, go to

Photo courtesy of the Nyki Scheuerman/Edmonton Oilers Hockey Club

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