McKenna: Reaction to the tornado tragedy in Oklahoma

Teams and athletes used Twitter to voice their support for the victims of the Oklahoma tornado. ...more

McKenna: Looking back at the Game 7 fallout

You already know how things played out Monday night between the Leafs and the Bruins, but just in case you needed or wanted a reminder, here's the thrilling/painstaking recap. ...more

McKenna: Hockey's trash-talking, social media-loving nun

Meet Sister Helena Burns, a hockey-obsessed nun who can go toe-to-toe with even the most knowledgeable of hockey fans on the finer points of the game, the legends of old and the NHL's new, young stars - all while wearing a habit. ...more

McKenna: The aftermath of Reimer-Cuthbert fiasco

It all started at Wednesday night's Leafs-Bruins game, as movie star Elisha Cuthbert - who is engaged to Leafs captain Dion Phaneuf - was sitting near James Reimer's wife, April. ...more

McKenna: 'Rihannaing' your Senators jersey

Ever since music superstar Rihanna wore a Senators jersey - and little else - back in April, a new trend has started when it comes to sporting Ottawa's colours. ...more

McKenna: Reaction on social media to Sir Alex retiring

There's been plenty of reaction around the world through social media to the news that Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson is retiring. ...more

McKenna: Behind the scenes at the 2013 CFL Draft

The studio is starting to fill up. The commissioner is here as are both panels. T-minus 1 hour to showtime! ...more

McKenna: Watching the CFL Draft from another perspective

Steve Lancaster will watch Monday's CFL draft with interest not because he is a CFL coach or CFL player, CFL prospect or even a diehard CFL fan. Football isn't even his game. Lancaster is a rugby man with with a very real interest in the draft's outcome. ...more

McKenna: Enjoying a hair-raising Stanley Cup experience

Peter's Barber Shop in TO is not your average barber shop, in fact it's more like an NHL museum and playoff season seemed like an ideal time to check it out. ...more

McKenna: Hockey fans plan around the Stanley Cup playoffs

Hockey fans explain how they're altering their lives during playoff season, all #BecauseItsTheCup. ...more

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