Jack: Semi-finalists begin their pursuit of greatness

Brazil, Germany, Argentina and Netherlands is a wonderful final group to have in the semi-finals. Indeed, it is the first time ever that the two South American powerhouses have been at this stage in the same World Cup. All four are true giants in the game, without question, but so far the 2014 versions have been far from great. ...more

Jack: On a German spine and Neymar no longer carrying Brazil

It was a day for central defenders and set-piece goals. Time to go through the motions and squeeze out a victory had passed. It was a day for the serious World Cup contenders to step up and show us what they had. Brazil and Germany, with eight World Cups between them, did just that and now meet each other in Tuesday’s semifinal. ...more

Jack: European powerhouses squeak by intelligent Africans

It was supposed to be a day without drama. A day the bookmakers told us would be rudimentary, seeing France and Germany breeze by Nigeria and Algeria respectively. We should have known better. TSN soccer analyst Kristian Jack reports on an exciting Day 19 from Brazil. ...more

Jack: Robben vs. Rafa and the needless obsession with diving

The World Cup can be glorious for many reasons. On Sunday it stepped up to educate viewers. Arjen Robben was fouled in the box deep into added time in the match against Mexico. The key word in that sentence is 'fouled. TSN Soccer Analyst Kristian Jack has more. ...more

Jack: Breathtaking Brazil 2014 returns in all its glory

Welcome back Brazil 2014. Oh how we missed you. Gone for just a day, you returned for us all to enjoy on Saturday, as a mini Copa America took place to start the knock out stages. TSN Soccer Analyst Kristian Jack has more. ...more

Jack: Reviewing a truly brilliant group stage at Brazil 2014

International football badly needed a good World Cup. The jury is yet to deliver a verdict with the knockout rounds still to come, but all indications are that this will not be a good World Cup. Indeed, it is on track to be a great World Cup. TSN's Kristian Jack has more on the conclusion of the Brazil 2014 group stage. ...more

Jack: Why Argentina are now favourites, but still vulnerable

After Tuesday was consumed with the madness of Luis Suarez, Day 14 of the World Cup got back to the Beautiful Game led by the left-footed mastery of Argentine wizard, Lionel Messi. Still, even in victory, cracks in this Argentina team are visible. TSN's Kristian Jack has more. ...more

Jack: Time for Suarez to get help and Balotelli to grow up

It had been the greatest World Cup most could ever remember. A World Cup full of wonderful moments and wonderful matches. Then it became the World Cup that Luis Suarez bit someone in. As TSN soccer commentator Kristian Jack reports from Brazil, both Suarez and Italy's Marco Balotelli disappointed in different ways on Tuesday. ...more

Jack: Brutal Brazil and magnificent Mexico advance

The group stages turned the corner and entered the final stretch on Monday. A wind of caution and a realization that one moment could be the difference in staying or flying home. As TSN's Kristian Jack writes, the games were more timid but there were still plenty of enormous talking points. ...more

Jack: Ronaldo stomps on the Americans' ticket to the last 16

We must remember that people are seeing a World Cup for the first time, just don't tell them it isn't always like this. Many of those eyes are in the United States of America, a country that the sport has wanted on its side for some time. On Sunday the football Gods delivered once again, only this time it was time for good old USA to experience as much heartache as joy. ...more

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