Hogan: Argos have pre-draft decisions to make

Imagine leaving your house, well aware that you're about to be robbed, and not being able to do anything about it. That's the feeling that eight Canadian Football League teams are experiencing right now in advance of the expansion draft to stock the Ottawa Redblacks. ...more

Hogan: At least three will win back-to-back Grey Cups

For at least three participants in the 101st Grey Cup game, a dream will be realized --back to back championships. It doesn't matter which team wins. Several members of last year's Toronto Argonauts will become repeat winners. Mike Hogan of TSN Radio 1050 has more from Regina. ...more

Hogan: Steinauer a major reason Ticats will play for Grey Cup

January 3, 2013 may be the most important date of the year for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. It's the day they hired Orlondo Steinauer. The story line about a Ticats coach this week surrounds Kent Austin returning to Regina. But the story that's flying under the radar is the new defensive coordinator's chance to win back-to-back championships. Mike Hogan of TSN Radio 1050 has more from Regina. ...more

Hogan: Eastern Final pits long-time rivals in rare playoff

Quite surprisingly, this is the first time since 1986 that the Argonauts and Ticats have met in the Eastern Final. Rookie Shane Horton starts at middle linebacker for all-star Robert McCune, who will miss the game with a shoulder injury. ...more

Hogan: Argonauts offensive line much improved from last year

The Toronto Argonauts are preparing to face the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in the Eastern Final this Sunday. As they do, there's less worry about this group than there was as they entered the 2012 playoffs, a season that culminated with a Grey Cup Championship. TSN 1050's Mike Hogan has more. ...more

Hogan: A classic battle awaits in Eastern Final

The Toronto Argonauts and Hamilton Tiger-Cats have not met in an East Division Final since 1986. While that may seem like an eternity, and by CFL standards it is, this battle harkens back to a battlefield of an era that predates this rivalry by several centuries - Ancient Greece. TSN Radio 1050's Mike Hogan has more. ...more

Hogan: Argos playing numbers game heading into Eastern Final

It's a nice situation to be in. As the Toronto Argonauts prepare to face their hated enemies from down the QEW, the Hamilton Tiger Cats, in this Sunday's Eastern Final, they're faced with something they haven't experienced all season - a healthy receiving corps. TSN Radio 1050's Mike Hogan has more. ...more

Hogan: Argonauts cope with injury problems

The Toronto Argonauts recently became the first team in CFL history to play four consecutive games on the road and win them all. As Mike Hogan of TSN Radio 1050 writes, what makes the accomplishment even more amazing is that it came without the services of two major players. ...more

Hogan: Argonauts vs. Tiger-Cats rivalry renewed

They have met on 216 occasions in the regular season, plus many more times in the playoffs. The Rogers Centre and the site of the new Tim Hortons Field in which the two gridiron competitors call home are a mere 70 kilometres apart. It's one of the best rivalries in Canadian sport. It's the Toronto Argonauts and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. TSN Radio 1050's Mike Hogan has more. ...more

Hogan: Argos keeping things loose in the locker room

A football season can be a long, arduous affair and any break from the tedium is much appreciated. As Mike Hogan of TSN Radio 1050 writes, there's no one player providing all the laughs on the Argonauts like Adriano Belli last season, it's more comedy by committee. ...more

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