Ferraro: An incredible night for Landon and my family

NHL on TSN analyst Ray Ferraro shares his thoughts on a memorable night for his family as his son Landon played his first-ever NHL game for the Detroit Red Wings on Tuesday against the Toronto Maple Leafs. ...more

Razor's Edge: Looking ahead to the Stanley Cup Playoffs

The season always seems long - and with the Olympics this year, it sure seemed that the playoff race had lost some of its sting. That was, until Sunday afternoon. NHL on TSN analyst Ray Ferraro explains why, and also makes his predictions for the first round of the playoffs. ...more

Razor's Edge: The NHL's contenders or pretenders?

The Vancouver Canucks and Chicago Blackhawks clinched their respective divisions on Sunday, but like a lot of contending teams it seems like the last couple weeks have not gone that smoothly. The NHL on TSN's Ray Ferraro explains in this week's edition of Razor's Edge. ...more

Razor's Edge: Can Calgary make the playoffs?

Sitting four points back of the eighth-place Colorado Avalanche, can the Calgary Flames make the playoffs? NHL on TSN analyst Ray Ferraro weighs out their chances in this week's edition of Razor's Edge. ...more

Razor's Edge: How the Predators stay so competitive

Every year, it seems the Nashville Predators cobble together their club, lose another player to a bigger payday elsewhere, but draft well, get excellent goaltending and are a total pain in the tail to play against. TSN's Ray Ferraro tips his hat to one of the NHL's most underappreciated teams. ...more

Ferraro: All right, here's the thing on Ovechkin...

Given the way the last 10 days or so have gone in Ray Ferraro's blog space, the NHL on TSN analyst would be totally remiss without commenting on Alexander Ovechkin’s hit-push from Sunday afternoon's game at Chicago. ...more

Ferraro: Comments on Lapierre are just an opinion

In a special Friday edition of Razor's Edge, the NHL on TSN's Ray Ferraro addresses the remarks he recently made on Montreal Canadiens forward Maxim Lapierre. ...more

Ferraro: Bad contracts make for small deals on deadline day

With no huge deals at the trade deadline, fans were disappointed and many general managers blamed the NHL's salary cap for their inability to pull off a deal of substance. But don't be so quick to put the blame squarely on the cap. The NHL on TSN's Ray Ferraro explains. ...more

Ferraro: Great memories from Vancouver

TSN's Ray Ferraro was pretty much locked into Canada Hockey Place for the last 17 days. Here are the highlights of his Olympic experience and a few thoughts to go along with them. ...more

Ferraro: Capitals comparable to the 'pre-Cup' Oilers

The Washington Capitals are a locomotive this season, sitting atop the NHL standings with 14 straight games. NHL on TSN analyst Ray Ferraro compares them to another powerhouse - the untested, dynamic and reckless Edmonton Oiler team right before they won their first Stanley Cup. ...more

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