Anber: Pacquiao v. Mosley far from the fight of the year

Russ Anber
5/8/2011 9:42:37 PM
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How great would it have been to sit here and write a blog about the fight of the year?

Unfortunately, while many may have held out hope for such an occurrence, sadly it didn't happen Saturday night, and by far!

Before we get to the fight though, here is my beef, or maybe even my beefs for the fight.

I make my living in professional sport and while I like to consider myself a competitor and certainly a sportsman, Saturday nights love fest at the MGM bordered on the ridiculousness of good sportsmanship. In what turned out to be a mockery of good sportsmanship, Manny Pacquiao and Shane Mosley "touched gloves", in a display of respect and sportsmanship no fewer than 41 times during the twelve round contest, and that DIDN'T include the traditional "touching of the gloves" at the centre of the ring after the referee's final instructions.

Yes you read it correctly! 41 times. I counted each one, wrote it down and had it witnessed by Montreal Gazette boxing scribe Herb Zurkowsky, as well as Fightnews' Dave Spencer. To insure the fact that I was not imagining what was happening before my eyes, I even had my brother-in-law Nick Betros as a witness. As the fight moved on however, it became apparent that if it not for the "touching of the gloves", (did I say 41 times ?), Mosley would not have touched Manny at all. In fact, the 41 times, easily surpassed the actual punches landed by Mosley.

Kenny Bayless is without a doubt one of the finest referees in the business, but you have to question the call he made in round 10 when he credited Mosley with a knockdown. Bayless is a great ref, but he must have been looking somewhere else when he turned and found Pacquiao on the canvas. Even in the cheapest seats at the MGM Grand, it was more than apparent that the fall to the floor was a result of a push and a trip. Bayless doesn't usually make mistakes, but no one is perfect, if Bayless had to make a mistake, perhaps it's a mistake that fortunately, had no bearing on the outcome. Kenny boobed, but other than upset Pac and his millions of followers, it was really an insignificant oops! Kudos however should be given to 2 of the 3 Nevada judges who did not credit Mosley on the score card.

OK, that's beef, and believe it or not it has more meat than fight.

Prior to the contest I was on record in saying that I believed that while Pac would dominate, Mosley would make him work. Well you win some and you lose some. Mosley may not be totally shot in the true sense of the meaning, but it is more than apparent that his days among the best in the world are clearly over.

After getting off to a good start in which he attempted to control the pace of the fight, Pacquiao dropped the iron-chinned Mosley with a short left hand right down the middle. From that point on Mosley not only never threatened, he never even attempted to threaten. Simply put, and as the expression is often used, Mosley can no longer "pull the trigger".

You must however credit Pacquiao with at least trying to make a fight against a guy who clearly did not want to engage in any form other than by "touching gloves". Did I say 41 times!!!???

Pac has one mission in mind when he fights, and he repeats the mantra at every opportunity. He wants to give fans a great show. In most of his contest he does just that. However, in order to provide an explosive and thrilling performance, your opponent plays a vital role. Sadly, Mosley played no role at all.

In fact Manny shadow boxed for 12 rounds, and even the great Manny Pacquiao can't make shadow boxing that exciting for that long!

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