Ferguson: Bumps in the road for Syndergaard and D'Arnaud

There were plenty of critics who thought the Blue Jays gave up too much to the New York Mets for knuckleballer R.A. Dickey. Many felt the Jays would regret giving up righthanded pitcher prospect Noah Syndergaard and catcher Travis D'Arnaud over the long haul. But as Scott Ferguson of TSN Radio 1050 writes, you just never know with young unproven players. ...more

Ferguson: Hessman can break home run record in minors

There could be some history made on Friday night in Buffalo. Mike Hessman of the Toledo Mudhens needs one more homer to break the all-time International League career home run mark. Before you say "big deal" as I was tempted to do, you should know who Mike Hessman is and how he made this journey over a long and varied career. ...more

Ferguson: Blue Jays need to avoid another sloppy June

Almost immediately after the Toronto Blue Jays finished May with an outstanding 21-9 record, skipper John Gibbons basically said that was all well and good, but the Jays couldn't let up and had to avoid the "June Swoon". TSN 1050's Scott Ferguson looks at Junes of Blue Jays' past. ...more

Ferguson: Blue Jays' huge May boosts team's confidence

It's not to say that one 20-win month, like the Toronto Blue Jays' month of May, guarantees you a playoff spot, but one huge month can provide a team with an incredible boost of confidence and provide a bit of a cushion for the inevitable cold spells as the season unwinds. TSN 1050's Scott Ferguson explains. ...more

Ferguson: Trials and tribulations of Jays' minor league arms

The Blue Jays' minor league pitchers have been experiencing some ups and downs as the season marches onward. As Scott Ferguson of TSN Radio 1050 explains, Aaron Sanchez and Ricky Romero have been struggling, while Deck McGuire is showing some positive signs at double-A New Hampshire. ...more

Ferguson: A look back at the Blue Jays' greatest sluggers

With Edwin Encarnacion cranking out 11 homers in 21 games so far this month, TSN Radio 1050's Scott Ferguson goes back through Blue Jays history and look at the numbers for some of the Jays' all-time home run leaders. ...more

Ferguson: Jays GM Anthopoulos scoring with bargain pick-ups

The Blue Jays had some pressing needs in the off-season. As Scott Ferguson of TSN Radio 1050 writes, while there is still a need on the mound, you've got to give Alex Anthopoulos credit for some of his bargain basement pick-ups that have shored up the Jays in other areas this season. ...more

Ferguson: Positives and negatives for Jays at quarter mark

Though the Toronto Blue Jays are four games better than they were at this point in the season last year and have the American League's most potent offence and sterling fielding, there are still some red flags to be wary of. TSN 1050's Scott Ferguson explains. ...more

Ferguson: Finally time for the Blue Jays to cut Romero loose

There are many Toronto Blue Jays fans still harbouring the dream that Ricky Romero can conquer his pitching demons and make it back to the Blue Jays and, in turn, again become the pitcher who won 42 games for the club from 2009 through 2011. But maybe it's time to face facts, cut Ricky loose and give him a fresh start with another organization. TSN 1050's Scott Ferguson has more. ...more

Ferguson: Blue Jays' offence firing on all cylinders

The Blue Jays' offence has been positively dazzling, especially in the first eight days of May. You might as well change the franchise name from the Blue Jays to the "Thunder Birds." TSN 1050's Scott Ferguson has more. ...more

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