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Ferguson: Jays taking different approach this off-season

Hands up if you remember the last trade made by the Blue Jays. It has been a quiet winter hasn't it? Of course we were spoiled in the off-season a year ago, when Alex Anthopoulos pulled off that monster 12 player deal with the Miami Marlins and then followed up with that seven player swap with the Mets that landed R.A Dickey. TSN baseball analyst Scott Ferguson has more. ...more

Ferguson: Berkman, Young, and others who left on high notes

While reading this week that two very good players - Lance Berkman and Michael Young - had decided to retire, Scott Ferguson of TSN Radio 1050 started to wonder about the perfect way to leave the game. Inspired by Ted Williams, Ferguson looks at the rare players whose final at-bats were home runs. ...more

Ferguson: Jimenez, Santana or none of the above?

Now that Matt Garza has signed with Milwaukee, it would appear the bar has been set for teams going after Ubaldo Jimenez or Ervin Santana -- or both. I still think the Blue Jays would lean towards Santana for his durability and larger body of American League experience, but Jimenez could carry over what he did in the second half of last season and he could be the Jays' number one or two starter. TSN Radio 1050's Scott Ferguson has more. ...more

Ferguson: Taking issue with opt-out clauses

I've never been a fan of opt-out clauses in contracts. The Dodgers two-time Cy Young winner Clayton Kershaw and Japanese star Masahiro Tanaka have such clauses in their contracts. There just seems to be something mercenary, and sort of having your cake and eating it too kind of feel about the whole thing. TSN Radio baseball analyst Scott Ferguson has more. ...more

Ferguson: Losing seasons a common tale for Cubs and Jays

The past four seasons under the Ricketts family have seen the Chicago Cubs go collectively more than 100 games under the .500 mark. The Blue Jays' record isn't quite as bad, but as Scott Ferguson of TSN Radio 1050 Toronto explains, the two clubs have been equally distant from the playoffs. ...more

Ferguson: Determining actual value of first-round draft picks

One of the biggest reasons for stagnancy on the free agent market is a team's unwillingness to part with first-round draft picks. But how valuable are they actually? TSN's Scott Ferguson looks at the draft histories of the New York Yankees, Chicago Cubs and Toronto Blue Jays over the years. ...more

Ferguson: Wells's return to Blue Jays would be a low risk

Consider the Toronto Blue Jays' long history of bringing back veteran players into the fold, is it really outside the realm of possibility to see Vernon Wells as a Blue Jay one more time? TSN baseball analyst Scott Ferguson gives his thoughts on the topic. ...more

Ferguson: Downing helped change the game in the '80's

With Hall of Fame results announced this week and plenty of attention on Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens, Scott Ferguson of TSN Radio 1050 looks back at a player who took the lead in enhancing muscle in a much more innocent time. ...more

Ferguson: Tanaka likely headed to Mariners or Diamondbacks

When the word finally came out that Japanese star pitcher Masahiro Tanaka was being posted, I was convinced he would sign with the Texas Rangers or New York Yankees, with the LA Dodgers and Boston Red Sox being outside possibilities. Now if I had to make a wager, I'd say the Seattle Mariners or Arizona Diamondbacks. TSN Radio 1050's Scott Ferguson has more. ...more

Ferguson: Blue Jays in dire need of healthy pitching

If there is anything worrisome about the Blue Jays off-season, it's the face they've really done nothing to upgrade their starting pitching. As Scott Ferguson of TSN Radio 1050 writes, the last five World Series winners show the value of a healthy and durable staff. ...more

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