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Pivotal Off-Season

Addressing the quarterback position
In the CFL, the success or failure of most teams can usually be traced back to their situation at the quarterback position. The Rouge takes a look at those teams that may have a different look at quarterback when training camp rolls around in June. More...

Pick A Winner

Which team will win the Grey Cup and why?
For almost a year, fans of the Saskatchewan Roughriders have wanted a rematch with the Montreal Alouettes and now they have their wish. Fast forward to this year and the Roughriders and Alouettes are back in the big game so there's one question that needs to be answered. Which team will win this year's Grey Cup and why? More...

Need 'Em, Got 'Em

How to make sure the best teams reach the Grey Cup?
The current playoff system of East and West Divisions does not necessarily guarantee a matchup between the two best teams from the regular season. What would you do to have the best teams playing in the Grey Cup? More...

Need 'Em, Got 'Em

What is your trade deadline day wish list?
With four weeks left in the regular season, what does your team need to make them favourites to win this year's Grey Cup? Or what addition can be made to get them into the playoffs and present that opportunity to make a Cinderella run for the title? What is your deadline day wish list? More...

When is a Deal a Deal?

Did Ricky Foley break the code with the Lions?
In September, defensive end Ricky Foley returned from a stint at an NFL training camp and 'agreed to terms' with his old team, the B.C. Lions. But before he arrived in Vancouver, he signed with the Toronto Argonauts. Did Ricky Foley break the code with the Lions? More...

Carrying the Torch

Who will lead the next generation of quarterbacks?
Anthony Calvillo, Henry Burris and Ricky Ray are all great quarterbacks right now but who will lead the next generation of great pivots in the CFL? Let's take a look at some of the candidates who may become household names in the next decade. More...

Lancaster or Reed?

Who is the greatest Rider of all time?
They are two of the best players in the history of the CFL but if you had to pick one player to be the best Saskatchewan Roughrider of all time, who would it be: Ron Lancaster, who retired as the most decorated passer in CFL history, or George Reed, who still leads the league in rushing touchdowns? More...

Stay or Step Aside?

Should Wally Buono step down as head coach of the B.C. Lions?
Three years ago, the B.C. Lions finished first in the West with a record of 14-3-1. Since then, the losses have outnumbered the wins. That downward spiral seems to have accelerated this year, with the Lions sitting at 1-6. That leads to a question that seemed inconceivable when the season began: Should Wally Buono step down as head coach? More...

Moral Dilemma

Is a player always obligated to disclose an injury?
Imagine you're a bubble player on a CFL team and you have an injury that should keep you out of the lineup. Do you tell your teammates? Do you tell the trainer? Do you tell the head coach? It's one of those moral dilemmas that CFL players face throughout their careers but is there a right answer? Is a player obligated to disclose an injury? More...

The Last Option

Is calling out players in public a good strategy?
One of the most important jobs of a head coach in football is to get the most out of their players. But when a coach speaks negatively about a player in public, it's a different story. Or is it? Is it good strategy to call players out in public? More...

Green and Proud

Why is Rider Nation so passionate?
The Saskatchewan Roughriders are celebrating their centennial season this year and many events are scheduled in Regina and throughout the province.What is it about this team that makes fans drive for hours to watch a game at Mosaic Stadium? Why are there pockets of green in the stands at every road game? Why is Rider Nation so passionate? More...

Jumping the Pattern

Would you like to see the CFL season start earlier?
With the Grey Cup scheduled to be played in the league's most northern city at the end of November, CFL fans are already dressing in layers in anticipation of a chilly day at Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton. Does it have to be that way? Or do we like it that way? Would you like to see the season start earlier in hopes of having the Grey Cup played in better weather? More...

Under One Roof?

Could you see the Argos and Ticats sharing a stadium?
While Hamilton city officials wrestle with plans to build a new stadium for the 2015 Pan Am Games, the prospect of the Tiger-Cats and Toronto Argonauts sharing a venue has reared its (some would say ugly) head. Is it feasible to have these two teams play in the same stadium? It might make sense from a financial standpoint but the location would be in neither Hamilton nor Toronto. And besides, it's not an exaggeration to say the Tiger-Cats and Argonauts hate each other. More...

Call to Arms

Should teams be mandated to carry Canadian QBs?
Why has the Canadian quarterback become a member of the endangered species list and what can be done to reverse the trend? Should the league mandate that teams carry a Canadian quarterback on their roster? In March, the Toronto Argonauts signed Danny Brannagan after a standout five-year career with the Queen's Gaels, culminating in a Vanier Cup title last season. But history has shown that CIS success does not translate into a long career at quarterback. Just ask Ben Chapdelaine. More...

CFL Feature

CFL on TSN analyst Paul LaPolice opens his playbook and breaks down key plays from each week's games. More...

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