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Jordan and the Bulls

Join ESPN Classic for a look back at the pivotal games during Michael Jordan and The Bulls two three-peats. Highlights will include: the first Championship clinching game in 1991 vs. Magic and the Lakers, the 1993 Final clinching game Chicago @ Phoenix, Game 6 and the famous Flu Game from the 1997 Finals, Game 5 vs. Utah.


Saturday, June 8, Noon et/9am pt

NBA Classics: 1991 Finals - Chicago @ L.A. Lakers, Game 5 (June 12, 1991): Air Jordan delivers the first of 6 NBA Championships in the 90's for The Bulls.

Saturday, June 8, 2pm et/11am pt

NBA Classics: 1992 Finals – Portland @ Chicago, Game 6 (June 14, 1992): Clyde the Glide and the Trail Blazers are victims of the freight train known as the Bulls.

Saturday, June 8, 4pm et/1pm pt

NBA Classics: 1993 Finals – Chicago @ Phoenix, Game 6 (June 20, 1993): Sir Charles and the Suns were a very good team. Had it not been for Jordan and the Bulls, a championship banner would hang in Phoenix.

Saturday, June 8, 6pm et/3pm pt

NBA Classics: 1996 Finals – Seattle @ Chicago, Game 6 (June 16, 1996): With the return of Jordan from his first retirement, the Bulls returned to Championship glory.

Saturday, June 8, 8pm et/5pm pt

NBA Classics: 1997 Finals – Chicago @ Utah, Game 5 (June 11, 1997) In a preview of what was to come later that spring, the Habs end the Capitals' streak.

Saturday, June 8, 10pm et/7pm pt

NBA Classics: 1998 Finals – Chicago @ Utah, Game 6 (June 14, 1998) With a three-pointer late in the fourth quarter, Michael Jordan puts a stamp on his Bulls career and wins NBA Championship number six.

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