Schultz: Little guys make a big difference in the CFL

Chris Schultz
9/4/2012 1:14:04 PM
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Little guys make a big difference in the Canadian Football League.

Week 10 in the CFL and three of four games came down to last plays with little or no time left. Even the 52-0 Roughrider win had a charm about it considering the extremely polished execution of the Riders and absolute disappointing result for the Bombers. And within each game there were key performers that created the win and through their efforts, provided entertainment to the most important aspect of the league - the in-stadium paying fan.

And there are "little" players of small stature that have not allowed there height and weight to limit their ability and career.

One of the biggest misconceptions about football is that size is such a demand for individual success. Not true. At 6'8, I actually wish I was a little shorter, as it's very tough to play with that "perfect leverage" play after play when you're battling what you have been gifted with.

The best physical attribute to possess in excess is much more explosive energy and movement than size. Little guys in life always have had to try harder. They have had to develop secondary skills to compete with those they look up too. Physically, that is, and not in ability. And in playing a sport where injury, violence and courage tests are a 100 per cent guarantee, you have to admire those who do so well with a little less.

Here are my Top 10(11) little guys who deserve and have earned respect. 

10. Bo Bowling (Montreal) - 5'9, 183 lbs. Played at a big time program in 0klahoma State and did and does just about everything. He plays both slot and wide receiver, punt and kick returner, and probably a little running back too. A solid player with a great future.

9. Avon Cobourne (Hamilton) - 5'8, 205 lbs. I'm a big fan. Out of West Virginia, Cobourne has pretty much done it all over time. Yes, the future is Chevon Walker and soon we will be talking of the legacy of Avon Cobourne but until then, he should always be recognized as a great CFL little big man.

8. Jock Sanders (Saskatchewan) - 5'6, 186 lbs. Sanders  is another West Virginia product. As Avon Cobourne may be ending his career, a new mountaineer is ready to take the role of excellence over and run with it.

7. Larry Taylor (Calgary) - 5'6, 175 lbs. Just another example of a kick returner with various skills. He has scored two game-winning touchdowns over Saskatchewan on July 19th and last Sunday to beat Edmonton by 1.

6. Tim Brown (British Columbia) - 5'8, 190 lbs. He reminds me a little of Chad Owens as he is thick and quick and tough to tackle. Is it Andrew Harris No. 33 or is it Tim Brown No. 35. Both have very similar styles and ability.

5. Chad Kackert (Toronto) - 5'9, 192 lbs. You know nobody ever though Chad Kackert would be a running back. He received more commentary than he wanted when he took over for Cory Boyd at running back but overall, the Argos are better with him as the starter.

4. Hugh Charles (Edmonton) - 5'8, 193 lbs. he is both an interior runner and perimeter runner. Of the present three running backs, I think he is the best one.  He is a great example of explosive power over size.               

3. Chris Williams (Hamilton) - 5' 9, 155 lbs. Not only relatively short, but he is skinny. At 155 lbs., everyone wants to take a shot at him. The problem is no one can catch him. Proven true in the fact he holds the CFL record for return kicks for touchdowns with six, and we still have nine games to go.                                  

2. Chad Owens (Toronto) - 5' 8, 180 lbs. He looks and plays a lot heavier and by that, I mean he breaks tackles on his way to success and it is due to muscle mass as much as speed. In a city that needs individual identifiable players to sell tickets, he has become one.

1b. Alex Suber (Winnipeg) - 5'7, 175 lbs. You have Jonathan Hefney and Jovon Johnson in Winnipeg who both are similar in structure but no one, pound-for-pound, hits like Suber.  Against the Alouettes, Suber covered 6'3 220lbs Jamel Richardson and got the job done . In the world of little guys who play like big guys, Suber is number one.

1a. Weston Dressler (Saskatchewan) - 5'7. 179 lbs. Second in the CFL in receiving touchdowns, Third in receptions, sixth in receiving yards and well on his way to a fourth 1,000 yard season. Hands down the best offensive little man in the CFL.

Chris Schultz

Chris Schultz


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