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Schultz: Riders and their fans stepped up for 101st Grey Cup

For the third straight season, the host team has captured the Grey Cup as the Saskatchewan Roughriders are the 2013 champions. And as TSN's Chris Schultz writes, with the way the people of Regina welcomed CFL fans from across the country, this year's edition couldn't have ended any better. ...more

Schultz: Time for teams to realize what they are

We are at that point of the NFL season that reality has arrived. Each team has played at least 10 games and after this much time and this much football, each organization realizes they are either refining, retooling or rebuilding. TSN's Chris Schultz has more. ...more

Schultz: Division finals were good; Grey Cup might be great

From Hamilton's victory over the Argonauts to Saskatchewan's surprise win in Calgary, the CFL's division finals were a treat to watch. Now the Grey Cup game in Regina promises several good storylines and an amazing home crowd. TSN football analyst Chris Schultz has more from Grey Cup week. ...more

Schultz: On the Cowboys, Incognito, and the roaring Lions

Looking back at Week 10, it's hard to believe that the Dallas Cowboys gave up an NFL-record 40 first downs to the Saints. Elsewhere the Detroit Lions have taken over the NFC North and Nick Foles is the future of the Philadelphia Eagles. NFL analyst Chris Schultz has more from around the NFL. ...more

Schultz: Eastern charm and Western escape

The Eastern Semi-Final was not a well-played football game, a point I know may seem obvious, but it sure had an original charm all its own. In the Western Semi-Final, let's be honest, the Roughriders almost blew it. BC showed up and played well. TSN's Chris Schultz has more. ...more

Schultz: What Dolphins' Martin had to endure is too much

I have no idea why Jonathan Martin left the Miami Dolphins but as more time moves on, it seems like Richie Incognito is a special kind of disgusting human being. Some will say that Martin is too sensitive while others will say that it is part of the way football is in the locker room. But to have to absorb what was said to him for any rational and intelligent person is too much. ...more

Schultz: Long grind of CFL season rewarded with playoffs

The long grind of the CFL season has come to a close, and now the best time of the year is upon us - playoff football. The regular season is the price you play for the playoff experience and opportunity to possess a ring. TSN football analyst Chris Schultz looks ahead to the postseason and who looks good ahead of the 101st Grey Cup. ...more

Schultz: Bryant's tantrum disrespectful to players, coaches

What is of greater significance, attitude or talent? I say this in reference to Dez Bryant and the temper tantrum displayed for all to see in the Cowboys' 31-30 loss to Detroit. It seems that many, if not all, rationalize that his intense passion for football out-weights his lack of self-control and disrespect for other players and coaches. ...more

Schultz: With CFL playoffs set, what do you do about Week 19?

The Toronto Argonauts have won the East and Calgary has won the West. Congratulations to those two organizations. Montreal will play Hamilton in the East semifinal and BC will play Saskatchewan in the west semifinal. But what do you do about this week - Week 19? Well, as much as CFL football fans may not want to hear it, the goal is to stay healthy. ...more

Schultz: Colts take control of AFC South after Week 7

So the Indianapolis Colts have now created victories over the San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos. Given the inability of Jacksonville, the inconsistency of Tennessee and the injuries of Houston, the AFC South is under control by the Colts going into almost the mid-point of the 2013 season. TSN football analyst Chris Schultz has more. ...more

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Chris Schultz

Chris Schultz


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