Schultz: Pressure is on Lions to compete at highest level

Over the past two seasons, the B.C. Lions have had good teams that haven't won a playoff game. And because of that those good teams are not remembered as exceptional, just non-producing playoff teams. This is a high pressure year in Lions football because of that fact. ...more

Schultz: Stampeders in store for another solid campaign

This is a very good team. I know they didn't rise to the challenge in last year's playoffs but statistically they were great. Evaluating personnel is subjective in that how one person may see the present ability or potential of one player is always different than another. But right now their combination of starters and key depth contributors has no clear superior. ...more

Schultz: Under Jones, Eskimos will be aggressive and smart

If you ask new head coach Chris Jones what he looks for in a player, his response is "aggressiveness with intelligence that play with a liitle edge.” That is a good definition of desire but could also be a description of Jones himself. ...more

Schultz: Roughriders must stay hungry after Grey Cup win

With the Saskatchewan Roughriders winning the 101st Grey Cup at home last year, there was a 'mission accomplished' mentality that began a year ago in May 2013. But what now? How do you put history behind and concentrate on the present with the same drive and dedication you held previously? ...more

Schultz: Head coach O'Shea lays foundation for Blue Bombers

He played in 271 regular season games and 18 playoff games, winning three Grey Cups. He finished second in CFL history with 1,151 tackles and was named Most Outstanding Canadian back in 1999. These are the accomplishment of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers new head coach, and 30th in team history, Mike O'Shea. ...more

Schultz: Ticats can win, but could still improve this year

It's an interesting time for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. They're a team that knows how to win through experience and yet still has a lot to improve upon. It will be entertaining and interesting to see how the new season unfolds. Given the avoidance of injury disaster, this is a team that should progress on many fronts. ...more

Schultz: With Ray healthy, Argos have a lot to look forward to

The Toronto Argonauts have a lot to look forward to in 2014. First and foremost, this year has such special optimism because they get their quarterback back. With Anthony Calvillo out of the picture, Ricky Ray is the best in the league. He did have issues staying healthy last year but in the time he played he was remarkable. ...more

Schultz: Alouettes look to have a winner in Smith at QB

There is nothing really physically outstanding about Montreal Alouettes QB Troy Smith. But there is something about him, a genuine confidence expressed through experience in football at a high level. An articulation and intelligence that you pick up on when he is talking about the league. And a unique level of humility that says in order to perform, I have to learn; not the other way around. ...more

Schultz: New stars will emerge with opportunity for Redblacks

One of the positives that will come to the forefront with the Ottawa Redblacks as the season moves on is that because new players will have the opportunity to play, new stars will shine. New faces with new personalities will emerge. Selling football is about winning, but it's also about finding an identity within the city. The Redblacks need their players to embody the personality associated to that name. ...more

Schultz: Looking back on Day One of the 2014 NFL Draft

Time to go to work. After four months of everyone telling you how good you are, the transition of now proving how good you are begins. Yes, the contract still has to be signed and a residence found, but in a matter of 30 days for those drafted in the first round of this year's NFL Draft, expectations will be high, as now you have to prove your worth. TSN's Chris Schultz looks at the first round of the NFL Draft. ...more

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Chris Schultz

Chris Schultz


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